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Chimney Construction In Southern Vermont & New Hampshire

There are a lot of very old homes here in the Northeast. That is not the only reason why there are also so many fireplaces and chimneys, though. No, there are a lot of fireplaces and chimneys simply due to the fact that so many people still like them. Not to mention the fact that some more modern heating alternatives, like pellets and wood stoves, may also make use of chimneys.

Now, a chimney is one of those architectural structures that is deceptively simple looking. It’s just a bunch of bricks mortared together that allows heat and smoke to escape straight up out of the house, right? Wrong. There is a lot to consider when it comes to your chimney, which is why you need to schedule professional chimney construction in Southern VT and New Hampshire. HB Energy Solutions puts in the work to ensure that your new chimney stands the test of time.

Always Hire Professionals for Masonry Chimney Construction

As mentioned above, chimneys are not as simple as they look.  With all of the stone, brick, and mortar involved, they can also weigh in at several tons! If not properly designed from the get go, and not expertly constructed every step of the way, that is a dangerous combination. Your chimney may not collapse entirely and take a large chunk of your home with it, but it may begin to crack, sag, and slope. Not when we install it, though.

Different parts of your chimney are going to require different considerations. Within the firebox itself, for instance, the masonry is obviously going to be exposed to extreme heat. The point at which the facing material and bricks themselves meet is a common point of trouble in masonry chimneys. It’s not just the firebox that has to deal with extreme temperatures, though—think of all the exposed brick above the roof in our brutal winter season! Proper construction sets the chimney up for success.

It’s Not Just a Stack of Bricks, Either

With a masonry fireplace, the classic look of brick and stone is obviously the most eye–catching facet of the design. There are a lot of other components that are not there for aesthetics, though. This includes the chimney liner, the firestop, the flashing, and the chimney cap/crown. Did you know that, depending upon the type of fuel you are burning in the firebox or stove, you may need a specific type of liner? Or that an improperly sized and installed chimney cap could lead to serious water and structural damage?

If you are exploring your options and are thinking about a prefabricated chimney for your home, it is important to keep in mind that these options are not typically rated for the extremely heavy use that chimneys in Southern VT and New Hampshire typically see. For a lot of homes around here, the fireplace or stove is not a "supplemental" heat source, nor are they considered primarily decorative. A newly constructed masonry fireplace from our team will give you the durability that you need, the safety that you deserve, and the visual appeal that you desire.