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There is a reason why so many B&Bs and winter lodges have fireplaces in them. It’s not solely to heat the property, usually. No, it is because sitting by a warm, roaring fire is simply a very pleasant, comforting, and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, there are certain issues that can render the use of a fireplace unpleasant, or even unsafe. This is certainly the case when it comes to chimney damage.

Chimneys are not hugely complex systems, but that does not mean that your chimney is guaranteed to function properly at all times. The very nature of dealing with heat and gas ventilation on the inside, along with often frigid temperatures on the outside, means that your chimney is going to be operating under stress. At some point, it is very likely that you will find yourself in need of chimney repair services in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire. Call us or schedule a service online today~

What Types of Problems Can Develop?

Quite a few, and the fact is that every single problem that you encounter with your chimney is going to require professional chimney repair services. One common cause of damage is moisture. If there is a leak in your chimney that is allowing water to seep into your home, you are not only going to be dealing with a loss of chimney integrity. Wood rot, structural damage, and even mold growth may follow. Water may come straight down the chimney, or may come in through cracks in the crown.

Another potential issue? Condensation. If you notice water damage to wallpaper or paint in the area surrounding the chimney, you may have an issue with your liner. If you have a very old chimney that has not been updated, then it may have not liner at all! This is a scenario that often happens when more modern combustion appliances are vented up through an older chimney. The long and short of it is this—there is a lot that could potentially go wrong, and an accurate diagnosis of the problem is as important as skillful repairs.

You Need Our Chimney Repair Services in Southern VT & NH

Your fireplace is going to lose much of its capability for relaxation when you start to run into problems with the operation of your chimney. If you only use your fireplace/wood burning stove occasionally, then you may be tempted to ignore the problems with your chimney. What you need to remember is that issues with your chimney are not going to go away due to disuse, and the use of the chimney may not be the source of the problem.

When you schedule your chimney repair services with our team, we will diagnose any existing problems accurately, from leaking bricks to compromised chimney flashing and crowns and everything in between. Every time it rains or snows, your home is going to suffer the consequences as long as such problems are allowed to persist. These are not DIY appropriate fixes, either. Whatever chimney repairs you may need, this is always a job for skilled professionals like those on our team.