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Fireplace Construction In Southern Vermont & New Hampshire

Have you made a habit of staring longingly at images of families relaxing around the fireplace that you stumble across on blogs or in travel magazines? Do you lament the fact that you didn’t make a fireplace a priority when buying your home? Have you convinced yourself that the comforting glow and warmth of a classic masonry fireplace is something that you’ll only be able to enjoy when staying at inns or in the ski lodge? If so, think again!

Among the many services that HB Energy Solutions has to offer homeowners is exceptional fireplace construction in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. If you’ve been dreaming about relaxing with a book by the fireplace on chilly autumn and winter nights, it’s time for you to let us make that dream a reality. Contact a member of our team today, and we’ll help you to better understand your fireplace construction options. With our masonry experts on the job, you can count on your total satisfaction with the finished product.

Why Choose a Masonry Fireplace?

When some people think of fireplaces, they immediately think of the masonry fireplace. Many also think that this is where fireplace technology came to a stop. That’s actually not true at all, though. Products such as natural gas logs and fireplace inserts are also available. They may be incorporated into homes with relative ease, and range from rustic throwback styles to more sleek and modern designs.

With newer and, some would argue, more convenient options available—you won’t have to worry about soot, sweeping, and chopping wood—why do so many homeowners still opt for masonry fireplace construction projects? The answer is simple. Many people simply still find them the most attractive.

There is a lot to be said for doing things "the old fashioned way," and tending to a fire, feeding it as needed, and yes, even splitting wood in preparation for the cold weather, is all part of the experience for some people. You also get the scents, the flickering, the pops, and so on. If you ask us, a properly constructed masonry fireplace is hard to beat.

We Build Fireplaces the Right Way, the First Time

There is no denying that a new fireplace construction in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire is most conveniently completed at the time of the home’s construction. That doesn’t mean that building a fireplace in an existing property is impossible, though. It’s just another reason why it is so important to schedule your fireplace construction with trained professionals who will manage every step of the process with the utmost care. If not expertly designed and constructed, your masonry fireplace, like any other heat source, could prove ineffective at best—dangerous at worst.

We take into consideration the materials used throughout the project, while also keeping your budget in mind. We’ll pay careful attention to everything from the dimensions and thickness of the firebox to the size of the damper opening to the materials used for the chimney liner. Building codes will be satisfied, proper airflow assured, and your chimney will do its job while also having everything that it needs for protection from the elements. This includes melting snow, rain water, and anything else that mother nature can send its way.