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Fireplace Repairs In Southern Vermont & New Hampshire

When you think of repairs needed around the house, what do you think of? Damaged shutters, worn roof tiles, maybe a problem with your HVAC systems? These are all likely culprits, but remember that it’s not just those materials facing the elements outside or those complex mechanical systems within the house that may need repairs from time to time. You may find yourself in need of professional fireplace repairs in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire, so it’s a good thing that you’ve found yourself here!

The masonry and fireplace repair pros here at HB Energy Solutions understand just how important it is that any necessary fireplace repair services are completed not only promptly, but properly ever single step of the way. There is a lot on the line when it comes to fireplace repairs, including your comfort, your budget, and even your safety. This is not an area in which to cut corners. Trust us to diagnose issues with your fireplace accurately, and to resolve them completely.

What Types Of Issues Might My Fireplace Encounter?

Like we said above, your fireplace may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of repair needs. Once you really start to consider the extreme heat that the fireplace deals with, though, as well as the fact that it uses a chimney—much of which is exposed to frigid temperatures in the winter, along with snow and rain—it becomes much clearer that damages are a very real possibility.

  1. Moisture. Do you have a steel chimney liner? Has any rust been discovered on it, or any other metal component in the fireplace? If so, then you are looking at issues with moisture, and when moisture and metal meet, corrosion can swiftly follow. You could have masonry issues allowing moisture in, problems with your flashing, or a damaged chimney crown.
  2. Cracked/Crumbling Bricks. You may be forgiven for not noticing damage to your chimney liner. We’re guessing that you don’t get into the holiday spirit enough to be navigating down your own chimney and taking a look around while doing so, after all. Ignoring fairly obvious signs of trouble such as cracked or crumbling bricks, though, is another story entirely.
  3. Ventilation/Drafting. When you use your fireplace, you shouldn’t have to turn on fans in the house or crack the windows because of smoke. A properly designed and constructed fireplace is going to vent and draft properly, which eliminates such issues. If you are having such ventilation/drafting problems, contact us right away. Your safety could be at risk due to combustion gases.

For Fireplace Repairs, We’re the Pros to Call

There are a lot of handy men and women that own homes in this area, and many of them have fireplaces. The mark of a responsible individual, regardless of how handy he or she may be, is knowing one’s own limits. When it comes to fireplace repairs in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire, hiring trained professionals is the only way to go.

Once an existing fireplace is extensively damaged, whether due to ignored repair needs or botched DIY repair attempts, the cost of fixing that fireplace will quickly start to grow, and it will grow rapidly. Schedule your chimney/fireplace inspections regularly, and trust us to handle any fireplace repairs that are necessary.