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Stone & Brick Patio Construction In Southern Vermont & New Hampshire

You don’t have to be a professional meteorologist to realize that the winter weather in our part of the country can be quite trying. It can also really wear out what welcome it has over the long course of the season. That is why, once warmer weather arrives, our downtown eateries and watering holes are quick to set up the patios. After months of bundling up and going about our winter activities, there is a lot of comfort to be had on a sun soaked patio.

Of course, you don’t have to head downtown in order to take advantage of all the fun and relaxation that such a space can offer. Instead, contact the masonry professionals on the HB Energy Solutions team to bring that experience right onto your own property. We specialize in the construction of stone and brick patios in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire, and we’re happy to discuss your options with you further. From the selection of materials to the construction of the patio itself, we’ll do the job right.

Why Hire a Professional?

We live in an area where large pieces of property are pretty common, and many homeowners take a lot of pride in managing these properties and their landscaping services on their own. That being said, the smartest homeowners are the ones that know when to hang up the tool belt and reach for the telephone instead. A project like the construction of a stone or brick patio in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire is definitely a logical place to draw that line.

  • Design. The best way to turn a relatively straightforward project into an ongoing headache is to skip the homework at the start. If you don’t have a specific design in place that you can adhere to throughout the stone and/or brick patio construction project, then you are going to be constantly making adjustments and dragging out the process. We’ll have the design completed, staying true to your input and vision, before we get started with the construction.
  • Materials. Access to stone and brick is not something that you need a license for. Getting the best deals on such materials, and ensuring that materials of the right quality and characteristics are used at each step in the process, however, requires the type of expertise that only experts can possess. With your budget in mind, we’ll go through your options and use materials that will stand the test of time.
  • Execution. A patio is not something that you’ll be covering up or that will be hidden from view. There are spots in your home where you can fudge the details. By its very definition, a patio is not one of them. If you don’t want your company wondering what went wrong as they’re tripping over raised lips or eyeballing odd material placement, then you’ll want our pros to complete your brick and/or stone patio construction.

Turn to Us for a Job Done Right

From property drainage to slope and gradation, we take every factor into consideration when engineering your stone/brick patio in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Our team comprises some of the finest masonry workers in the industry, and we are certain that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the work that we do. If you are thinking about sprucing up your property with a new patio, trust HB Energy Solutions every step of the way.