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Heating Fuel in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

HB Energy Solutions - Heating Fuel in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

At HB Energy Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers and community with proven environmentally responsible products and services. HB Energy was one of the first companies to offer a low sulfur heating fuel in Vermont, and we continue to lead the way by offering Bio Heat as a more responsible heating product.

Fuel Delivery 


HB Energy delivers #2 home heating oil and Biofuel for your home heating needs. We offer automatic delivery for your convenience and peace of mind.  Automatic delivery takes the guess–work out of heating your home or business. Our exceptionally knowledgeable staff utilizes a high–tech computer program that monitors the fuel you use based on a program of usage and degree days. We then use this information to create a personalized delivery schedule for your home or business.  By making us aware of any major changes to your home or business that will affect your usage, we can modify your delivery schedule as needed.

Price Protection Plans

When you choose one of the following price protection plans, you can lock in a guaranteed rate on a specified amount of gallons for the upcoming season. You will receive the number of gallons you contract for at that fixed price.

Our customers may also choose downside protection with our plans. These plans are in effect for oil delivered from July 1st to June 30th. To learn more about our price protection plans, call the heating fuel experts at HB Energy any time.

Pre–Buy Plan

This option allows you to pre–pay for next year’s fuel at a set price per gallon. If you want to avoid the up and down price fluctuations of the market, this is the option for you. Pay once, and you don’t have to worry about price increases or multiple fuel bills during the winter.

Budget Plans

This option allows you to budget next year’s fuel at a set price per gallon. Instead of paying for the oil in one lump sum, the payments are spread out in twelve manageable payments. Many of our customers find it easier to pay the same amount each month from July through June.

Capped Price Plans

This option is similar to a locked price. A capped price (downside protection plan) means that you will pay no more than the price per gallon you’ve contracted for. If oil prices come down, you will pay less; but, if they rise, you will not pay more.  Capped Price Plans are offered with prebuy and budget plans.  

* From year to year pricing and plan options may vary depending on market conditions and other various factors. Please contact us for all plan details.

Dual Fuel Discount from HB Energy Solutions

HB Energy’s Dual Fuel Discount offers customers who use more than one fuel instant savings. Just order the fuels you need in the quantity that you normally purchase, and the discount is then factored in to your pricing. The Dual Fuel Discount applies to cash price, pre–buy pricing and budget plan pricing. The most popular combination is heating oil and propane, where the savings is .10 cents per gallon on each fuel.

Available fuels that qualify for the Dual Fuel Discount are:

  • #2 heating oil
  • Bio–heat
  • Propane
  • Off Road Diesel

Some restrictions may apply. Call HB Energy Solutions for details.