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Septic Systems in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

HB Energy Solutions - Septic Systems in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

HB Energy Solutions is a full service septic company. We provide septic services in addition to HVAC. We also provide solar and renewable fuel service. Call HB Energy any time to learn more about the services we can provide for you.

Southern Vermont Septic Operation

The septic system is a small, on–site sewage treatment and disposal system buried in the ground. The septic system is comprised of a septic tank and a soil absorption area. The modern septic tank is a watertight box usually made of precast concrete, concrete blocks, or reinforced fiberglass. When household waste material enters this box, several things occur:

  • Organic solid material floats to the surface and forms a layer of what is commonly called "scum." Bacteria in the septic tank biologically convert this material to liquid.
  • Inorganic, or inert solid materials, and the by–products of bacterial digestion sink to the bottom of the tank and form a layer commonly called "sludge."
  • Only fairly clear water should exist between the scum and the sludge layers. It is this clear water and only this clear water that should overflow into the soil absorption area.

In urban areas, there are usually sewers to carry household waste to municipal waste–water treatment plants. In more rural areas, however, septic tank systems provide the functions of both sewers and treatment plants. All household waste is disposed of through the septic system. The proper operation of the septic system is essential to health, property value and ecology.

Southern Vermont Septic Maintenance

The US Government Department of Health, Education and Welfare Public Health Service says "a septic tank system will serve a home satisfactorily only if it is properly designed, installed, and adequately maintained. Even a good system which does not have proper care and attention may become a nuisance and burdensome expense."

Septic system maintenance involves pumping the tank and maintaining bacterial levels. If you are looking for septic maintenance services, call HB Energy.

We can provide the following maintenance services:

Pumping Septic Tanks

The waste material and sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank must be pumped out periodically. The frequency of this depends on the size of the tank, how much use it gets, and the condition of the system. There is no additive that you can put in the tank that will deal with the sludge. It must be pumped out, or it will overflow into the soil absorption area. This may clog the system and cause damage or costly repairs.

Maintaining Bacteria Levels

Septic maintenance involves keeping the bacteria at sufficient levels necessary for solids digestion. If bacteria killing products are used in the home, the bacteria must be replenished.

Here are some commonly used home care products that will kill bacteria necessary for proper septic tank operation:

  • Detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Acids,
  • Cleaning compounds,
  • Polishes,
  • Sink and Tub Cleaners
  • Caustic Drain Openers

Keep in mind that bacteria must be present to digest and liquefy the waste materials. If the bacteria are not replenished, the septic system will fill up with solid material and overflow, which could also clog the system.

An average family should have their septic tank serviced every three to four years. Pumping will help keep the stress off the tank and allow the septic pumper to inspect the baffles. Balancing the bacteria will keep the stress off you by knowing your system is operating at its peak performance. Call one of our septic technicians for an evaluation today.

Septic Electronic Locating

Before digging in your yard you should know where your septic tank is located. We offer a locating service that uses an electronic device that can be flushed or snaked through an inside fixture. The signal from the device is then received by our electronic sensor revealing the location of the septic tank or sewer line.

Call HB Energy Solutions for all your septic needs!