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How it Works | Whole Home Property Management


Céad  Mile  Fáilte

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C.M.F. Property Management

By HB Energy Solutions

One Company. One Call.

Properly maintaining a home’s structural integrity, the grounds, security, mechanical systems, and interior can be an expensive undertaking.  To even out the management budget and minimize seasonal spikes in property expenses, we evenly distribute many of these costs over a 12 month period in addition to our monthly C.M.F.  base fee.  The mechanical portion of this includes a service contract and maintenance agreement for the mechanical systems of your home, including the heating system, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, septic system, and other appliances you may want to include such as whole house generators, water treatments systems, hot tubs, wood stoves and more.  This also includes services that we do not directly provide, but accomplish with the aid of our service partners, such as snow removal and lawn care. 

We begin the process with a comprehensive on site consultation to review your entire home and property and determine what the specific needs of your unique property are so we can together build the perfect managmeent plan for your home and budget.  We then create a 12 month plan to spread the majority of your home’s expenses out into manageable and predicatble figures including all of your caretaking needs, property management, and lawn care and snow removal.  You then pick and choose from your customized menu of monthly adders to create your customized package in addition to our monthly base fee.     

Our standard C.M.F. base is $300 per month and offers a higher level of service including:

  • Two in depth house checks per week from October 1st– April 30th

All of our house checks include a thorough inspection of the grounds, the exterior and interior of all of the buildings, and an in depth checklist to verify the mechanical systems of the home are working properlly.  If an issue is found that requires attention we will alert you and then correct the problem. 

  •  One in depth house check per week from May 1st– September 30th.

  • Priority scheduling for all services. 

Whether or not your needs are an emergency, we will prioritize them as though they were by moving you to the front of our schedule.

  • Fuel Monitoring 

          We will monitor your fuel levels for propane and oil to ensure that you never run out of fuel.

  • Access to a concierge level of service. 

No request is too small or too large, too mundane or too exotic.  If it’s important to you, then it is important to us.  Whether that is bringing your skis to be waxed, filling your fridge, pantry, and liquor closet for a family Christmas, making a ready–to go bon fire pile for a 4th of July celebration, installing holiday decorations, or just about anything else you can imagine, we look forward to doing a great job for you. 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Support For All of Your Needs

          If you need us for something that is important to you call our office and that line will be answered 24 / 7 / 365 by a live person.  Simply tell the operator your name and that you are a C.M.F. client, and what you need.  Typically within 30 minutes a field representative will be on the way to assist you over the phone or in person depending on your needs.