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Fuels, Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Services in Walpole, NH

Offering one call convenience to residents of Walpole, NH, HB Energy Solutions does it all. Our business has grown, and you get the benefits. Whatever HVAC, plumbing, or electrical problems you have in Walpole, NH, we can handle the job. Our professionally trained heater techs, electricians, and plumbers have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle your systems’ repairs and maintenance, from septic to solar.

Call HB Energy Solutions for all of your fuel oil, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and solar service needs in Walpole, NH.

Fuel Delivery Service in Walpole, NH

HB Energy Solutions leads the area in environmentally friendly products such as low sulfur oil and Bioheat. Not only is using Biofuels made from vegetable oils good for the environment, but the reduced amount of soot they produce result in higher energy efficiencies. We want our customers to have choices, so we offer fuel options including low sulfur fuels, Bioheat, propane, off road Diesel and Biodiesel and Vermont–made wood pellets. Whatever fuels you need, HB Energy Solutions has you covered. We even offer dual fuel discounts. Call HB Energy Solutions for your Walpole fuel purchases and deliveries.

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

New Hampshire gives its residents the best of all four seasons. It is important, though, to make sure that your home is prepared for the most extreme aspects of these seasons. We offer a full range of heating and air conditioning services to keep your Walpole, NH home comfortable all year round.

HB provides free estimates to our customers to help make informed decisions about your heating systems. We’ll explain your options, from gas furnaces to heat pumps, while keeping in mind personal needs such as budget, local utility costs, and your home’s age and condition. Our maintenance service options ensure that you get the most out of your heating system.

Summers in New Hampshire offer consistently high temperatures. HB provides quality air conditioning services including maintenance, repair, replacements and installations to keep your home cool. Whether you’re looking for air conditioning tune–up services or a full–fledged installation, our technicians are the ones to call. Contact us today for more information about all we have to offer you and your home cooling system in Walpole, NH.

Wood and Pellet Stoves in Walpole, NH

If you reside in Walpole, NH and are concerned about your impact on the local environment, ask HB about the benefits of wood, pellet and gas stoves. Wood is a renewable, carbon neutral heating source. When trees are harvested for fuel new ones are planted, and young trees absorb more CO2 than the mature ones which are cut down. Wood is also grown and harvested locally, so using it as a heat source reduces dependence on foreign oils. HB provides a range of wood and pellet stoves, and even offers wood furnaces and boilers. If you want to use wood as a heating source in your Walpole, NH home, call HB Energy Solutions to get started.

Call Our Expert Plumbers

Our licensed plumbers provide residential and light commercial service and repairs for your plumbing systems. We service all systems, from septic, to water heaters. HB will help design your new space and select new products for any new construction projects. Our technicians will service any water heaters and are knowledgeable with all makes and models, from tank and tankless, gas heaters to oil–fired, and solar water heaters. Call today and let HB Energy Solutions handle all of your Walpole, NH plumbing needs.

Your Electricians of Choice

HB Energy Solutions has a fully certified team of electricians working with us in Walpole and surrounding areas. Our professional electricians offer residential and commercial service for any size jobs. We install and maintain backup generators and can integrate solar power with your existing electrical systems. Our team of electricians truly does it all. For any electrical job you need performed, we are the convenient, trustworthy choice. Call today with any questions regarding upgrading or maintaining your Walpole, NH electrical systems.

Solar & Renewable Energy Services

If you’re interested in solar system technology, HB Energy Solutions can help determine if this is the right choice for you. Whether you’re interested in solar water heating, grid–tied solar electric systems, solar space heating or off grid DV solar systems, we have the training and experience to install and maintain your new system. Call now for a free estimate on our Walpole solar and renewable energy services. If you think solar energy may work for you, we’ll help you make all the right decisions and maintain your system properly for years of reliable solar service.

Additional Services by HB Energy Solutions in Walpole, NH

In addition to our HVAC, plumbing and electrical services, HB Energy Solutions offers tree removal and landscaping, septic services and even truck and auto repair through Valley Truck Service in Springfield. HB Energy Solutions truly provides the services you need for any job, big or small. If you’re in Walpole, New Hampshire, call HB for your next service job. You’ll get the high quality, convenient professionalism that we’re known for.