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SmartMeter™ Upgrades in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire


HB Energy Solutions now offers the new SmartMeter™ upgrade services, which includes the full installation. If you have questions about the new SmartMeter™ technology, we can go over the different features. You can also read about them on our website. Feel free to call the SmartMeter™ specialists at HB Energy if you would like to know more about installing one of these devices.

Switching your Electric or Gas Meter to SmartMeter™

Switching your current electric meter to SmartMeter™ will provide a more accurate reading of your energy use. Whether it is for a home or business, this device connects to the electric grid with two–way communication. Not only does this help to increase reliability, but it can also help you more accurately keep track of your energy consumption. Electric SmartMeter™ systems for homes record the usage by the hour, and in 15 minute increments for commercial businesses, while natural gas models record the information daily.

Because all the usage data is periodically sent to a secure wireless network, the SmartMeter™ system will provide you with the ability to see exactly how much gas or electricity you are using daily, weekly, or monthly so you can make better energy usage choices. Call gas or electric SmartMeter™ experts at HB if you would like to know more about these upgrad

SmartMeter™ Features

At HB Energy, we are concerned about the environment, and we install SmartMeter™ for our customers so that they can also be more aware of their impact on the environment. This new technology makes it easier to track your usage with the following features

  • Track energy use online, by the hour, day, or month, by day.
  • Notices via email, text, or phone when your energy use is rising above a normal level.
  • Commercial and residential applications for gas or electric meters.

HB Energy Solutions is a full service HVAC, plumbing, and electric company. We can provide all your SmartMeter™ installation needs. Call us any time to set up an appointment.