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Smoke Detectors in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

Updating or installing smoke detectors in your home should be handled by a certified professional who is familiar with state and local regulations. To ensure that your smoke detectors are properly installed, call the certified electricians at HB Energy Solutions.

As Vermonters, we care about our customers, and we want to make sure that your home or business is protected with the technology required to do that. We make your safety our priority, so call HB Energy any time.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector Installation

Smoked detectors are classified based on what kind of sensor is used to detect the smoke. Generally, homes and businesses use photoelectric detectors, which work by using a light source and lens to detect any smoke obstructing the lens.

Photoelectric detectors are recommended because they can sense smoldering fires that create a lot of smoke, but you can also install dual sensor detectors. Call HB Energy Solutions if you aren’t sure what type of smoke detector you need. We’re happy to answer any questions or come out to your home or office to take a look.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

In an emergency situation, you’ll want to know that your smoke detectors are working properly. Proper maintenance can help do this, and this means knowing how your smoke detector works and ensuring that batteries are replaced regularly.

Depending on the type, some detectors require that the batteries are replaced once a year. Other models run on high endurance batteries, but it is generally a good idea to test all smoke detectors monthly. Always replace batteries when the indicator noise is on, rather than simply uninstalling the device.

Most smoke detectors in are hard—wired, whether they are installed in a home or office. If you need a hard–wired smoke detection system installed or replaced, call one of HB Energy’s certified electricians. We also recommend that you check the manufacturer’s instructions for operation instructions or maintenance guidelines.

HB Energy – Smoke Detector Experts

Whether you need a smoke detector installation or replacement, call one of the smoke detector experts at HB Energy Solutions any time. We can install or replace all types of smoke detection systems. HB Energy can take care of all your electrical and fire protection needs.