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Premium Wood Pellets in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

HB Energy Solutions is a proud dealer for Vermont Wood Pellets, Curran Wood Pellets, New England Wood Pellets, and Okanangan Wood Pellets. We offer premium wood pellets for sale at great prices. We test all of our wood pellets in our own boilers and pellet stoves to ensure their consistent high quality.

Our wood pellets are stored inside year round in a climate controlled warehouse, so you won’t find any surprises. Our customers know that when burning our wood pellets they have great heat and low ash, every bag, every time. We offer pricing by ton, by the bag, or by the pallet. Delivery is available by request.

After extensive research we found Vermont Wood Pellets to be one of our favorite pellet producers, and as a local company we like to support local companies first. We also recommend New England Wood Pellets, made in Jaffery, NH for those who desire to support local businesses.

Wood Pellets 

Vermont Wood Pellet

HB Energy Solutions is proud to be a dealer of The Vermont Wood Pellet Company. This local company produces high quality wood pellets that have high BTUs. Vermont Wood Pellets also have low ash content because their wood pellets are clean burning. This helps with efficiency and the maintenance of your pellet burning appliance. As a wood pellet dealer, we can help you select the right pellets for your pellet stove, furnace, or boiler.

Curran Wood Pellets


We recommend Curran’s Super Premium 100% Softwood Pellets because of its density, low ash and moisture content, and ability to produce 8,300 BTUs of heating capacity. The 100% Softwood Super Premium Pellets also meet the Pellet Fuel Institute’s Fuel Grade Requirements for Super Premium pellets.

New England Wood Pellets

New England Wood Pellet

New England Wood Pellets also produces high quality premium pellets that are a blend of hardwoods and other species of wood. These pellets can produce up to 8,300 BTUs, and the PFI Super Premium pellets have 3–5% moisture content and 0.4–0.6% ash content. Call HB Energy if you are looking for a New England Wood Pellet dealer!.

Okanagan Wood Pellets


We also offer Okanagan Super Premium pellets, which are made entirely from softwood sawdust. These pellets meet industry standards, and do not contain additives, bark or other possible contaminants. Their pellets also meet the Super Premium standard of the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI).

If you would like to know more about the wood pellet brands we offer, or if you are interested in installing a new pellet burning appliance, call HB Energy Solutions any time. We can handle all your pellet stove, furnace, boiler, and pellet fuel needs!