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Kitchen Plumbing Services in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

HB Energy Solutions is committed to providing quality kitchen plumbing services.  Whether you need kitchen plumbing repairs, or you think it is time to renovate your entire kitchen, we have just the combination of skills and experience you are looking for. Call HB Energy any time for emergency repairs or if you would like to ask for a free estimate on our renovation services.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation 

Installing a kitchen into a new construction home or an addition is a job that requires precision and complete knowledge of the particulars of kitchen plumbing systems. At, HB Energy Solutions, our kitchen plumbing experts will work with you to make sure your kitchen plumbing is installed in a way that is convenient for you and that won’t cause problems with any other part of your plumbing system.

Even if you are not putting in a whole new kitchen, you can make use of our kitchen plumbing installation services to add a new sink or chance the location of your dishwasher. We will make sure all of your plumbing fixtures and appliances have an adequate water supply and are draining properly, so all you won’t have to worry about your plumbing system breaking down.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance and Repair 

Keeping up with regular kitchen plumbing maintenance is a great way to keep your system running smoothly year in and year out. When you call HB Energy Solutions for our kitchen plumbing maintenance services, our professional plumbers will inspect every part of your system looking for any small cracks or buildup of debris that could cause a problem later on.

Even with regular maintenance service, you will likely need kitchen plumbing repair services at some point and HB Energy Solutions can take care of that as well. We know it is important for you to have access to your kitchen back quickly, so we will have someone out as soon as possible to find the source of your problem and correct it.

Kitchen Plumbing Renovations

Kitchen remodels continue to show a return on investment between 75% and 85%, but perhaps the most important reason to remodel your kitchen is that it is the one room in the home where people typically spend most of their time. As the heart of your home, your kitchen is where family memories are made and shared. That’s why you’ll want a space that is both comfortable and functional.

Many older kitchens have poorly designed layouts and lack what is known as the work triangle. The points of the triangle are at the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. You will want the space between those points to be as efficient as possible but also have enough space to prepare food in. A good working triangle is one of the reasons a new kitchen will add value to your home and ease to the cooking process.

Another reason a kitchen remodeling service will add value to your home is that it can provide more storage. In addition to having more storage, you will also want to update appliances. All modern appliances, such as dishwashers and garbage disposals, should be updated with GFI circuit protectors and proper rated circuits.

If you are planning on selling your home, a remodeled kitchen will help you get a quick return on investment, and a faster sale. Kitchens are the most scrutinized room in a home, and a great kitchen will put your home on the top of buyer’s lists.

HB offers a complete line of remodeling services, and our full–service contractors have the expertise and training to design and install the plumbing and appliances to create the perfect new kitchen in your home. Call today for a free estimate!