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Leak Detection Services in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

There are all kinds of leaks your pipes can develop. Some are obvious, accessible, and easy to fix. Others may go undetected for days or even weeks before you realize there is a problem. No matter what type of leak you have, though, you need a professional who can find it and fix it fast.

HB Energy Solutions offers comprehensive leak detection services to our customers. We use the most advanced tools and technology to find leaks fast and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

Signs You Have a Leak in your Home

Before you can call HB Energy Solutions for leak detection and repair service, you need to know that you have a problem. Call us if you notice damp spots on your floor, walls or ceiling, or if there is water dripping into your living space. Unexplained water puddles in your yard are a sign that there may be a leak in one of the pipes leading to or from your house.

Even if you do not see any obvious signs of leaking water, you should suspect a leak somewhere if your water bill shows a sudden increase in usage that you cannot explain in any other way. It is also a good idea to call for professional leak detection services if you know the pipes in your home are very old. Nothing lasts forever, and eventually all pipes will begin to degrade and may start to leak. Even if these leaks are not large enough that you notice them, the plumbers at HB Energy Solutions can find and repair them before they become a larger problem in your home.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology 

Many leaks are not obvious to the naked eye. Even if you see water dripping from a particular part of your ceiling, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the source of the leak is in that same spot. Water could be running down from another part of the plumbing system, pooling in the middle of your ceiling and coming through a weak spot.

With advanced equipment, finding the source of a leak can be a more efficient and less invasive process. Because of the excellent technology that the master plumbers at HB Energy have at their disposal, you can be sure we will locate your leak quickly and with minimal disruption.

Professional Leak Detection Service 

HB Energy Solutions handles all types of leak detection services. While it may be tempting to try and fix what seems like a small leak yourself, these jobs can be much larger and more complicated than they seem at first. For best results, you want a professional plumber who has the tools and experience to find the source of your leak and get it fixed fast.