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Professional Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical in Ludlow, Vermont

If you live or work in Ludlow, Vermont, we hope you take advantage of the many convenient services offered by HB Energy Solutions. Our business has grown, and so have the benefits for our customers. Whether you need HVAC, plumbing, or electrical service in Ludlow, VT, HB is the company to call. Our trained staff of professionals will solve any service problems you have. Remember, professional, reliable service of is only one phone call away. Contact HB today.

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HB Energy provides services in Ludlow, all of Southern Vermont and parts of New Hampshire

Fuel Services and Delivery in Ludlow, VT

HB Energy Solutions proudly offers environmentally friendly products such as low sulfur oil and Bioheat, a blend of standard heating oil and Biofuel made from vegetable oils. Bioheat is not only good for the environment but it reduces amounts of soot produced, increasing energy efficiency and saving you money.

Our customers deserve choices. That’s why we offer low sulfur fuels, Bioheat, propane, off road Diesel and Biodiesel as well as Vermont-made wood pellets. HB Energy Solutions will deliver whatever fuel you need for your Ludlow, VT homes, offices and vehicles. We even offer dual fuel discounts, so call HB today to set up a delivery.

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in Ludlow, VT

Vermont gives its residents the best of all four seasons so it is important to make sure that your home is prepared for the most extreme aspects of these seasons. Our extensive Ludlow, VT heating and air conditioning services will keep home comfortable all year round.

Our customers receive free estimates to help you make informed decisions about heating systems. We’ll cover your options, from gas furnaces to heat pumps, while keeping in mind personal needs such as budget, local utility costs, and your home’s age and condition. Take advantage of our maintenance service programs to make sure that you’re getting the best, most efficient performance possible from your system.

Summers in Vermont get hotter than many people realize. HB’s quality air conditioning services, including maintenance, repair, replacements and installations, will ensure that your home is ready for summer before it hits. From air conditioning tune-up services to repair and installation, we have you covered. Call today for more information about all we have to offer you and your home’s cooling system in Ludlow, Vermont.

Wood and Pellet Stoves from HB Energy Solutions in Ludlow, VT

Ludlow, like much of Vermont, offers a lot in the way of natural beauty. Maintaining that beauty is a big incentive to make your home a little greener. Consider a wood burning or pellet stove as a heat source for your home. Wood is a renewable, carbon neutral heating source, and when trees are harvested to provide wood for fuel, new ones are planted and absorb more CO2 than the mature ones that were cut down. Wood and pellet burning stoves installed in Ludlow, VT homes allow you to reduce your carbon emissions while saving money at the same. HB also offers wood burning furnaces and boilers, so call us to learn more about utilizing wood as a heating source in your home.

Plumbing in Ludlow, VT 

HB’s staff of licensed plumbers provides quality residential and light commercial plumbing services. Any problems with septic systems, waterlines, piping systems and water heaters can be serviced by our team. Let HB help design your new space and select new products for any new construction jobs you’re working on. We know all about the different makes and models of water heaters out there and service them all, from tank and tankless, gas water heaters to oil-fired, and solar heated systems. When you need a plumber in Ludlow, VT, call HB and get all the help you need.

Solar Energy Services in Ludlow, VT

If you think that solar energy technology may be right for you, contact HB Energy Solutions. Whether you’re interested in solar water heating, grid tied solar electric systems, solar space heating or off grid DV solar systems in Ludlow, we can provide all the information that you need as well as offer a free estimate. We’ll help you make all the right decisions, and if you do decide to go solar we will maintain your system properly for years of reliable solar service.

Ludlow, VT Electrical Services

HB Energy Solutions is a true one call service company, having added a full electrical branch to our team. Our expert electricians perform jobs of all sizes, residential and commercial. From backup generator installation and service to solar power integration, we can help you with any electrical work your home or place of business requires. For any Ludlow electrical job you need, HB Energy Solutions is the convenient, trustworthy choice. If you require service now or just need some more information, call HB today.

Additional Services in Ludlow, VT Offered by HB Energy Solutions

In addition to everything else we provide, HB energy solutions is glad to help out with a number of additional services. We know that there are plenty of jobs around the house that you may need help with. Seasonal cleanups, fertilizing and gardening, field mowing and much more are available through our landscaping services. We perform regular maintenance on septic systems, as well as tank pumping and other services. HB even offers vehicle repair through Valley Truck Service in Springfield, Vermont. Big or small, HB is happy to help with any service you may require. For any and all jobs you need professionally done in Ludlow, VT, call HB Energy Solutions for convenient and reliable help.

Living in Ludlow, Vermont

Get out and enjoy your days in Ludlow, no matter what time of year. Play 18 holes at the Okemo Valley Golf Club, visit the Black River Academy Museum, or hit the slopes at the Okemo Mountain Resort. Whatever you’re looking for in a good time, Ludlow has it for the taking. Don’t get stuck waiting for your contracting company all day. Call HB Energy Solutions for convenient, reliable service in Ludlow today.