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Home Energy Assessments and Weatherization Services in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

Are you struggling with high utility bills or general discomfort during the heating or cooling season? Let the professionals at HB Energy Solutions help you identify where your money is really being spent. Our BPI certified professionals perform home energy assessments that include an extensive survey of the building envelope, lighting/electrical components, mechanical systems, and basic occupant energy habits.

The end result to you, the homeowner, is an education in building science and a detailed energy plan unique to you and your home that outlines cost–effective insulation, air–sealing, lighting, electrical, and mechanical improvement opportunities. Our recommendations are supported by sophisticated energy modeling, allowing us to generate energy savings predictions that reconcile with your current energy consumption. Give us a call when you’re ready for the next step and our weatherization professionals will get you on your way to conserving energy and saving money.

On–Site Highlights of Your Home Energy Assessment

  • R–Value Survey: Most building analysts assume the R–values in a home’s enclosure without any investigation. The result, more often than not, is inaccurate savings predictions and recommendations. We take the time to survey the structural layers of the walls, floors, and ceilings in a non–invasive way, to generate accurate R–values with more accurate savings predictions.
  • Blower Door Testing: Arguably the most important diagnostics tool in a home energy assessment, the blower door aids the analyst in identifying even the smallest of leaks in the building’s enclosure. Through zone pressure diagnostics and whole house air tightness testing, our analysts can determine how air–tight your home is and where improvements can be made. Heat loss by air leakage is just as important to consider as heat loss by conduction.
  • Infrared Diagnostics: In accompaniment with the blower door, the infrared camera is an important tool in identifying the "hidden" leaks in a home that could potentially act as major insulation bypasses. The infrared camera is also a great tool for gauging insulation levels within the building enclosure.
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Diagnostics: While a system efficiency test is a part of the mechanical systems evaluation, we also perform spillage and draft tests under natural and worst–case conditions. This ensures your heat and hot water systems aren’t at risk of back drafting into your home, which can pose a potential health concern.