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Photovoltaic Installation in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

Most solar power comes from large translucent photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on a roof extracting energy from sunlight to be used as electricity. However, while PV electric power is highly efficient, there are also other ways you can increase overall efficiency, such as with a solar water heater or complete solar heating system.

If you want to start saving money around the home or your office with solar power, call the Photovoltaic panel installation and solar panel installation experts at HB Energy Solutions. We can customize a system to fit your specific needs, and we offer free estimates.

Satisfied Photovoltaic Customers

We have installed many photovoltaic systems, and our clients have been satisfied with the results. Some examples of solar heating systems stems that we have installed include a client who utilized a grid tied photovoltaic system in order to off–set electricity costs.

This system will produce about 216 kilo–watt hours a month. The client wanted a ground mount with a ballast, because he plans to build a new house on the land and then move the array to the roof of the house. Along with the incentives and the federal tax credit, his net cost was $1,700.

Another client wanted us to install a photovoltaic system is comprised of two top of the pole mounts, which produces 2.5kWh of electricity per hour of sun. It’s a grid tied system with battery back–up. The client’s motivation was two–fold: reduce the electric bill, and have batteries that will power critical loads when the grid goes down. For this client, the sense of security during a power failure was important.

Solar Panel Installation Service with HB Energy

Whether you own a home or business, solar panel installations are just a phone call away. HB Energy Solutions offers a full line of solar energy equipment. Once we install your new photovoltaic panel system, we have maintenance plans to keep them working throughout the year. We also provide emergency repairs. Call today to ask about your return on investment with solar energy!