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Solar Heating Systems in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

Solar heating systems function similarly to solar hot water systems. They just require larger storage tanks to supply enough energy to heat your home or office, and they provide hot water. This can save money all year, and you can even use them to cool your home or business.

If you aren’t sure whether solar heating is right for your home or business, call the solar heating experts at HB Energy any time to ask questions. We are a locally–owned company, and we want to help all of our customers get the savings they desire. Call today!

Hot Air and Space Heating Solar Electric System Installation by HB Energy

Whether it is a hot air or space heating system, HB Energy Solutions has all the services you need to completely install a solar heating system in area homes or businesses. The number and type of solar collectors varies with the square footage of your space to be heated and the temperatures that the collectors are exposed to. For heating systems we recommend Evacuated Tube Arrays. They are more efficient and work better in cold and overcast days.

Solar Heating Professionals

HB Energy Solutions is a USA Solar Store, which is a buying coop of independent solar contractors and installers. We have licensed plumbers, and electricians on staff to complete your installation without having to hire any other subcontractors. This allows us to complete the installation on time and on budget. Call the solar heating professionals at HB Energy today to get your free estimate or to set up a consultation.