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Wind Power in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

If you are interested in wind power, HB Energy Solutions can provide all your installation, maintenance and repair needs. HB Energy is a SkyStream 3.7 and Windspire dealer, and we stand by these products because of their affordability and the renewable energy they can provide for your home or business. Call today to learn more about the wind power products and services we offer.

Commercial and Residential Wind Power Installation

After one of our wind power installers properly installs the Skystream 3.7 or Windspire® tower, we will connect it to your electric meter or grid system. Windspire wind turbines are only 30 feet tall, and they can be installed in urban or rural areas. Windspires come as a complete system, and we recommend them for their durability and design.

Windspire® wind turbines create energy with vertical airfoils, and this energy can be converted to electricity. On average, Winspires can create 2,000 kWhs a year in annual average winds of 11 mph. Because of this, these wind turbine work best where average winds exceed 11 mph (5.4 m/s). Winds vary by location, even within a property, and generally preferred sites have access to clear wind. As your Windspire dealer, HB Energy can discuss siting guidelines with you in more detail.

Wind Turbine Repair Service with HB Energy

Because wind turbines only work when it is windy, you will want it working properly during times when the wind is high enough to generate power. HB Energy provides repairs and maintenance service for wind turbines. Our wind turbine technicians can handle any type of repair need, and we provide emergency services. Call us any time you want to schedule an appointment.

Wind Power Experts

HB Energy Solutions can provide all your wind power needs, whether it’s a residential or commercial system. HB Energy is a certified SkyStream 3.7 and Windspire dealer, and in addition to wind power installation, we also provide repair and maintenance services. We proudly serve many homes and businesses throughout Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Call us any time you have questions or would like a free estimate on a service.