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Boiler Repair in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

A boiler is a major investment; it provides ample heating for your entire home, and over time it is relied upon year after year to continue doing so without losing too much efficiency or needing excessive repairs. A good boiler can last for decades but only if it is well maintained immediately after installation.

If you are interested in having someone handle your boiler repair and maintenance needs, call the experts of HB Energy Solutions. We offer a full range of heating services, including annual maintenance services for boilers and ongoing repairs.

Boiler Maintenance

By having a professional inspect your boiler every year and check it for possible problems, you are ensuring it lasts for many years, and will continue to perform well. Our annual maintenance service is designed to do three things:

  • Keep Boiler Efficiency High – Most heating systems lose a small amount of efficiency each year of continuous operation. By having a tune up performed once each fall before the boiler is turned on for the first time for the year, you can stop this from happening.
  • Catch Problems Before They Occur – By having a maintenance visit performed each year, you will catch any problems that might be there before they turn into major issues. This reduces the need for emergency repairs as well as the risk of ever being without heat.
  • Extend the Life of Your Boiler – By reducing wear and tear on your boiler and catching problems before they develop, you ensure your boiler lasts much longer than if it were allowed to break down.

For all three of these reasons, we recommend you have maintenance performed once each year to check for common problems like dirty burners, loose electrical connections, poorly calibrated thermostats and more.

Boiler Repair

While ongoing maintenance will catch many problems and ensure your system continues to work properly for years, there are still those times when issues can develop. If a problem does occur that results in loss or decrease of heating in your home, call us right away for boiler repair services. We are on call 24/7 for emergency calls, and we’re always happy to schedule a routine maintenance visit.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Experts at HB Energy Solutions

When you need boiler repair and maintenance services, call the heating experts at HB Energy Solutions. We are a locally–owned and operated business, and we make our customers our priority. We offer name brands that we would use in our own homes and that our customers can trust. Our work is carried out in a clean and polite manner with particular attention to detail and protection of your property. Call HB Energy today!