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Furnace Installation and Replacement Services in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

A new furnace can offer a number of substantial benefits for your home. When you install a new high–efficiency furnace, it can provide ample heating at an affordable rate for your family. If you think it is time to have a new furnace installed to replace your existing furnace, call HB Energy Solutions.

We offer only top quality materials and name brands that our customers can trust. Our work is carried out in a clean, polite, and courteous manner with particular attention to detail and protection of your property. 

Selecting a Furnace

When it is time to have a new furnace installed in your home, the first step is to ensure you select a system that matches the specific needs of your family. There are three steps to this process.

  1. Sizing Your Furnace – Your furnace must be exactly sized to the needs of your home. We do this by performing a heat load calculation that takes into account the exact square footage of the space requiring heat in your home, your existing ductwork and air handler, the insulation in your home and any other house factors that might affect how efficient the system is. A small system will not get the job done, but a large one will not be much better as it cycles on and off too much and wears down quickly.
  2. Fuel Source – A furnace can operate on gas, oil or electricity. For a replacement, it often makes sense to use whatever you had before, but keep in mind that gas is generally the most affordable of the three options while electric is the most affordable to install if you are having your first furnace installed.
  3. Efficiency Rating – The final factor to consider is efficiency rating. Furnaces are rated on an AFUE scale, which measures how much fuel that is consumed is used to produce heat. The highest rated furnaces are as much as 98% AFUE, almost double what they were 30–40 years ago. However, a 98% AFUE furnace will cost much more than a 90% AFUE furnace, so you should take into consideration the cost of installation as well as the ongoing cost of operation.

At HB Energy Solutions, we can help you select the right furnace for your needs. Call us any time to ask about the specific gas and oil–fired furnaces that we offer.

Gas and Oil Furnace Installation and Replacement 

After selecting a new furnace for your home, we start the process of prepping your home for installation. This involves removing your old furnace, upgrading your ductwork and chimney flue liner, if necessary, and prepping the location for installation. Finally, we install the new furnace along with any upgrades to your thermostat and ventilation system and test it for operation.