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Dehumidifier Service in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

Whether you are looking to improve indoor air quality, or protection from excess moisture in your home, HB Energy Solutions installs and maintains whole–home dehumidifiers. When you call HB Energy, we can go over all the different systems that we offer and install, so give us a call if you have questions. Let us find your home comfort solution any time. Call HB today!

Indoor Air Quality

While moisture control can be accomplished with proper ventilation, it is not always possible in some areas of the home, such as a basement or attic space. In addition to improving indoor air quality, controlling moisture can also help maintain cooler temperatures in your home during the summer. Because many homes in our area do not have an AC system, installing a dehumidifier is a good choice for many homeowners.

If you choose to install a whole–home humidifier, make sure your home has proper ventilation and enough insulation so that you can get optimal home efficiency. You can always speak with one of our energy auditors about scheduling an energy audit for your home or office. Call HB Energy any time to make an appointment.

Dehumidifier Experts at HB Energy Solutions

When you are in the market for a new dehumidifier, call the dehumidifier experts HB Energy Solutions. We are happy to discuss our IAQ products and services and find the best way to lower indoor humidity and improve your indoor air quality.