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Heat Recovery Ventilators in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire


Here at HB Energy Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers proven environmentally responsible products and services. We recommend heat recovery ventilators because in northern regions like ours, the winter lasts much longer than in other areas of the country.

HB Energy offers heat recovery ventilators (HRV) by Lifebreath. If you have questions about the Lifebreath system, call the energy experts at HB any time!

Energy Savings with an HRV Installation 

HRV’s work by transferring heat from the outside air, which helps to maintain a warm climate inside your home and to lower your energy costs because your heating system will use less fuel. HRVs are also known as energy recovery ventilators (ERV), and the Lifbreath series features HRV and ERV’s with five speeds and a lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer.

To install an HRV, you only need an air supply—either from a central HVAC system or directly from an exterior wall—and a way to power the fan for circulation. We can install a heat recovery ventilation system for your home or office. Call us today to get your free estimate.

Energy Experts at HB Energy Solutions

If you are looking for energy savings, call the energy experts at HB Energy Solutions. We can install a heat recovery ventilator in homes or offices. Start saving fuel and money today; call HB Energy!