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Wood and Pellet Conversion Service in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire

If you are looking for wood and pellet conversion services, look no further than HB Energy Solutions. We can provide all your wood and pellet conversion needs, and we offer free estimates. Call today to find out more!

Conversion Process

The typical home wood–pellet system has four components—a burner, a bulk–storage unit (hopper), a pellet conveyor (auger) to transfer the pellets from the hopper to the burner, and a controller that responds to the home’s thermostat and automates the entire system.

The core technology consists of a wood–pellet burner that can be mated to an existing system’s boiler or furnace. Simply swap your old oil burner out of the furnace/boiler and set a wood–pellet burner in its place—a matter of literally screwing and unscrewing six bolts. If it is your time for a new boiler, the Burnham MPO boiler is perfectly suited to maximize wood pellet–fuel efficiency.

Location for Pellet or Wood–Burning Appliances

Depending on the size of your budget (and your basement), you can choose a small storage bin that will hold a week’s worth of pellets, or a large bin that will hold enough pellets for a month or longer of effort–free heating. The bulk–storage hopper is completely sealed, so it emits almost no noticeable dust. Storage bins come in a variety of sizes to suit various budget and space limitations, and can be matched with any other wood–pellet device—a Harman boiler, a Tarm boiler, or even a pellet stove.

Whether it’s an upgrade or a brand–new system, each installation is contracted to suit the home—just like an oil–system installation. Wood–pellet central heating systems are installed by Pellergy factory–trained, certified heating–system professionals who have all of the certifications and licenses required by either the state or the local municipality. They are heating technicians employed by the local, trusted, reliable oil–delivery company that already services you home and understands your heating needs. These installers are required to have a background in hydronic heating systems, boiler repair, and boiler stabilization.

Benefits of Pellet Heating

The wood–pellet heating system uses proven, familiar combustion principles. The fuel is locally sourced, clean–burning, stably priced, and abundant. Furthermore, if you switch to wood pellets for fuel, you’ll cut your fuel bills by up to 25% every year.

Pellets can be burned in other types of heating appliances, including pellet furnaces and pellet boilers. Pellet stoves only need to be refueled about once a day because of an electronic feeding arm that uses advanced technology to know when to add more fuel.

Wood Pellet Upgrades

Upgrading your present heating system to wood–pellet fuel requires no permanent modification to your existing heating system. All system controls and safety features are retained. The burner can be uninstalled and taken with you to your next home; the original oil burner can be re–installed in a matter of minutes.

Pellergy’s wood–pellet burners are Underwriters Laboratories—approved and have undergone real–world testing for the last four years. Pellergy systems are approved by homeowner’s insurance companies, pre–approved by mortgage lenders, and—a real bonus—wood–pellet heating systems qualify for federal (and often state) tax credits. All of this makes switching to the new, innovative, Earth–friendly heating system—wood pellet central heating—amazingly easy.

Call HB Energy Solutions today to learn more about wood and pellet conversions.