AFCI vs. GFCI Outlets: What’s the Difference?

April 25th, 2016

Modern electrical systems allows homeowners to live with greater convenience than ever before, especially these days when it seems like everything needs to be plugged in or uses rechargeable batteries. As electrical systems have grown more and more sophisticated over the years, so too have the safety measures put in place. Electricity, for all of its benefits, can still be quite dangerous if not used properly within the house, after all. That is why devices such as AFCI and GFCI outlets have been developed over time. To learn more about these outlets, read the following post, and remember to schedule your electrical and outlet services in Ludlow, VT with a member of our team. Continue Reading

You Must Change Your AC Filter Regularly

April 18th, 2016

We are eagerly anticipating the warm, sunny days of summer around here, especially after such a chilly spring season. If you are hoping to enjoy the heat of summer to the fullest, then you must be sure to keep your air conditioning system in great working condition so that you have a comfortable home to return to at the end of the day. Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Woodstock, VT is the best way in which to ensure that this is the case. You must remember, though, that you cannot leave your air filter replacement solely to your AC technician. You must change the filter regularly, between sessions, in order to get the most from your AC. Continue Reading

Why Is My AC Shutting Off So Soon?

April 11th, 2016

We certainly haven’t had any warm weather necessitating the use of an air conditioning system just yet. However, the heat of summer will be here before you know it, and that is a truth that most around here will welcome with open arms. Just remember, though, that you need to know that your AC is going to function reliably if you hope to enjoy your summer to the fullest. Any problems with your air conditioner during the summer season, such as short cycling, can seriously impede your overall enjoyment of the warmer weather. If you notice any such issues, be sure to schedule professional air conditioning repairs with a member of our staff right away. Continue Reading

Need a New AC? Why Not Go Ductless?

April 4th, 2016

Here in Vermont, summer can really take its time to get rolling. When it does, though, it can bring the heat and the humidity with the best of’em. If you want to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the hottest time of the year, you need more than a great AC system. You also need great AC technicians to install and service that system, and you’ll fine them when you work with the pros on our staff. If you are thinking about replacing your home cooling system before summer gets going, or if you’ve been relying upon window units to cool your home thus far, we recommend that you serious consider a ductless mini split heat pump in Springfield, VT. Continue Reading

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

March 28th, 2016

Among the most common questions that our electricians hear is “why are my lights flickering?”. In truth, there are a few different reasons as to why the lights in your residential lighting system may flicker. What you cannot afford to do is to take flickering lights lightly. A flickering light may seem like little more than a minor annoyance, but it can actually be indicative of much more serious issues with your electrical system. If you encounter any problems with your indoor or outdoor lighting systems in Ludlow, VT, make sure that ours is the number that you dial. We’ll get to the bottom of the situation in order to resolve the issue completely.  Continue Reading

When Might Electrical Rewiring Be Necessary?

March 21st, 2016

To say that our modern electrical systems make our lives far more convenient than they’d otherwise be is to make a massive understatement. For most homeowners, the idea of living without this incredible resource in our homes is simply unimaginable. That is why it is so important that you take any steps necessary in order to guarantee that you get the best performance that your electrical system has to offer. Not only that, but you must also be certain that you’re able to use electricity safely in your home. Schedule your electrical services with our staff to guarantee that this is the case. We do it all, including electrical rewiring in Bellows Falls, VT. Continue Reading

Don’t Wait Too Long to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

March 14th, 2016

It’s been a bit of a strange winter here in Vermont, with relatively mild temperatures—for us, anyway—and a pretty conservative amount of snow. Even so, homeowners throughout the area are undoubtedly looking forward to the summer season and all of the fun and activities that is has to offer. Before you get too caught up thinking of all that you’ll do this summer, though, remember that you must take at least one major precaution against discomfort this summer season: scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance. If you have your air conditioner tuned up before the start of each summer season, rather than at the close, then now is a great time to schedule your routine air conditioning maintenance in Woodstock, VT.  Continue Reading

Don’t Forget to Have Your Ductless Split Heat Pump Tuned-Up

March 7th, 2016

This has been another fairly mild winter for this part of the country, but any Vermonter can tell you that March does not mean warm weather. We’ve got a good bit of cold ahead of us, and you are no doubt still running your ductless split heat pump in Springfield, VT quite regularly. Just remember that, when the warmer weather does finally start to settle in, you cannot simply switch your system over to its cooling mode and hope for the best. Your ductless mini split system has been working hard to help you to heat your home efficiently throughout the winter season, and a tune-up is in order before you put it back to work for the cooling season. Continue Reading

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier?

February 29th, 2016

While we may not have the swampy, extremely humid air that pervades areas like Florida throughout the summer season, we certainly are no strangers to the discomfort that high humidity levels can lead to. Discomfort is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems created by excessive humidity in the air, though. Your health, and even your personal property, may also be compromised by high levels of humidity, especially during the summer season. If you are concerned about such issues in your home, be sure to schedule your dehumidifier services in Springfield, VT with a member of our team. Continue Reading

Should I Have a Sump Pump Installed in My Home?

February 22nd, 2016

When you hear about a home flooding, you may think of heavy rainfall in the hurricane season that devastates certain parts of the country. The fact of the matter is, though, that many basements in our area take in water, and a hurricane is not necessary for serious water damage to occur. We get more than enough rain during the spring and summer seasons to lead to considerable water in leaky basements, and snowmelt is another fact that we must keep in mind. All things considered, any home that tends to take in any amount of water in its lowest level can benefit from the installation of a sump pump. Continue Reading