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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Action?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

We’ve made it through another winter, and are in the midst of a sometimes-warm, often-chilly spring season right not. In just a few weeks, though, the heat of summer will be headed our way; is your air conditioning system ready? Don’t hope for the best and simply switch on your AC when the hotter weather finally arrives. Instead, follow these tips to ensure that your air conditioner is ready when the mercury starts to rise. That way you can cool your home successfully and with the efficiency and reliability that you deserve. Contact HB Energy Solutions for exceptional air conditioning services in Vermont and New Hampshire. 


New Hampshire Plumbing Repair Tip: Gas Piping Safety

Monday, April 20th, 2015

When it comes to gas piping in your home, any work should always be handled by a professional and licensed contractor. Many states require that companies receive a special permit in order to offer gas line repair, installation or replacement. When you need any New Hampshire plumbing repair or gas line repair, just call HB Energy Solutions. We have over 21 years of experience working on all different kind of gas line and plumbing problems. We wanted to help our customers protect themselves from any potential gas line problems. Check out our quick guide below and give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. (more…)

What You Should Know About Your Septic System

Monday, April 13th, 2015

In Vermont and New Hampshire, septic systems are very common. A septic system is essentially a small, on-site waste treatment system, generally used in areas which are not able to access a municipal sewage system. For reasons that we won’t dive too far into, it is best to ensure that your septic system is in fine working condition at all times. Problems with a septic system are undesirable, to say the least. Here is some information for you to consider if you are having a new septic system installed, or if you just want to know that yours is operating properly. When you need septic services of any sort, from installations to maintenance and repairs, you need only one number: ours. Contact HB Energy Solutions today to schedule your septic services with trained and experienced professionals.  (more…)

Let Our Electricians Upgrade Your Fuse Box

Monday, April 6th, 2015

You, like all other homeowners, are quite reliant upon your electrical system. Electricity is used in many different ways throughout most homes, powering our appliances and charging our gadgets. You need to know that your electrical system will work effectively and reliably. Most importantly, though, you must know that you are using electricity safely. This is why you should consider upgrading your old fuse box in Vermont. There are a lot of old homes in this area and, while there is nothing inherently “unsafe” about using an old fuse box, it is often in your best interest to update any such components in an older electrical system. Work with HB Energy Solutions to have your fuse box upgraded by a qualified, professional electrician. 

If you are unsure of when your electrical panel was last inspected, or if you are buying a home which has an old fuse box installed, then scheduling a fuse box inspection today is a good idea. While an older fuse box may still be completely functional, it also may have been installed at a time when safety regulations were more lax than they are today. Plus, a very old fuse box may well mean that the wiring and other components in the electrical system are equally as old. By having everything checked out by a qualified electrician, you can know that you are using electricity safely in your home.

Upgrading your old fuse box to a more modern system, such as a circuit breaker, can help to interrupt overloaded circuits within your electrical system more effectively. Not only that, but it can also help you to reset those circuits more conveniently. We may find during our inspection that your existing fuse box is just not up to current codes and regulations. Whatever the situation may be, our electricians will be able to determine if a fuse box upgrade is indeed in your best interest.

Any work done on any electrical system must be completed by an experienced and licensed electrician. Using electricity in our homes makes our lives infinitely more comfortable and convenient than would otherwise be possible. Just remember, though, that electricity can also be dangerous if not used properly. Allow HB Energy Solutions to upgrade your fuse box so that you can use your electrical system with the well-earned confidence that you deserve.