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3 Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Monday, July 29th, 2019

AC-unitI’ve thought about adding central air conditioning to my home, but I just haven’t taken the plunge. How beneficial could it really be over my window—

Sorry to interrupt, but the answer is: a lot. Comparing central air conditioning to window units is like comparing your favorite fruit to that same fruit after it’s been sitting in the compost for a couple of weeks.

In today’s post, we are going to cover 3 reasons why you should opt for central air conditioning in New Hampshire. Before we do, we want to highlight one major difference. A central air conditioner needs to be professionally installed. And when you invest in something as major as a whole-house cooling system, you want to know that you’ve got the best people on the job. That means working with us. From the sizing of your system to its design and integration into your home, you can count on our team to do the job right, right from the start.  (more…)

Can Ductless Air Conditioning Save Me Money?

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

ductless-acThe short answer to the question asked in this title is yes, it can! In fact, energy savings—which translate to money savings—are among the greatest benefits that ductless mini splits in Bellows Falls have to offer. Does this mean that spending your money on a ductless mini split is definitely going to save you money? No, because even a great system won’t impress if you fail to schedule that system’s installation and ongoing services with trained, qualified professionals.

Fortunately for you, you’ll never have to worry about a shoddy installation or subpar service quality when you work with the ductless mini split pros on our team. We service and install the finest systems from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. So read on, consider your air conditioning goals, and let us know if you think that going ductless is the right choice for your home. And keep these benefits in mind when making your choice! (more…)

Making Your AC Installation a Success

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Southern Vermont can be a bit slow in moving into the summer season. While you may be itching to get to your favorite swimming hole or to hit the banks with your fly rod in the summer warmth, you should be thankful for this opportunity to schedule your air conditioning installation, should you need one, prior to the real heat of summer setting in. Now is a great time to have a new whole-house air conditioner installed in your home. Just remember that any such project can only be handled by a skilled, trained professional. To guarantee that this is the case, you need only schedule your AC installation with the pros here at HB Energy Solutions. Keep these tips in mind to ensure the success of your AC installation. (more…)

3 Factors to Consider with Air Conditioning Installation

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Most people think Vermont homes don’t need air conditioning, but the truth is we can get quite hot and humid during the summer months. For over 20 years, HB Energy Solutions has been providing customers in southern Vermont with air conditioning installation for their properties to help them get through those hot days. When looking at air conditioners, there are a few factors to consider before choosing one. To help you narrow down those factors, our HB Energy Solutions experts have put together a list of 3 factors to consider for your southern Vermont air conditioning installation.

Does your property have ductwork?

Not too long ago, properties that didn’t have ductwork had only 2 choices for air conditioning: purchase a window unit or put in ducts, which can be a costly endeavor. But with the advent of ductless air conditioning, also known as ductless mini-split air conditioners, homes without ducts and/or those that need a home addition cooled now have access to quality air conditioning without needing to put in expensive ductwork.

How much cooling do you really need?

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to air conditioning. In fact, purchasing an air conditioning system that is too large for your home can lead to discomfort and premature wear-and-tear. This is why it’s important to do a calculation that determines exactly how much cooling your home really needs. When doing a calculation like this, several factors are considered, such as your property’s orientation to the sun, daytime heat gain and square footage. Your AC technician can do this calculation to help ensure you purchase the right-sized air conditioner for your home.

Are you concerned about energy efficiency?

All newly-installed air conditioners need to have a SEER number (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of at least 13; the scale for SEER is 0 to over 20. The higher your SEER number, the more energy efficient your air conditioner. If energy efficiency is high on your list of priorities, speak with your specialist about finding an energy efficient air conditioner that also fits your other needs.

Installing an air conditioning system is a big job that starts with assessing the kind and size of air conditioner you need. Working with your HB Energy Solutions expert can you help you answer these questions and more when it comes to your southern Vermont air conditioning installation.

Summer is almost here, so if you’ve been thinking of installing or replacing your air conditioner or air conditioning system, call HB Energy Solutions today!

Save Energy with a Quality Air Conditioning Installation

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Are you in the market for a new AC? Tired of paying for frequent repairs on your old unit? Whatever your reason for needing a new AC system for your home, there’s nothing more important to the future of your comfort than a quality installation. Air conditioners are complex machines with various components that must cooperate to remove heat energy from the home and cool your air. Your indoor and outdoor units need to be installed by a professional and properly charged with the right amount of refrigerant. Call HB Energy today for all of your air conditioning installation needs in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Let’s take a look at how you can save energy by hiring a quality air conditioning professional for your next installation project:

  • Sizing: Before you even reach the actual installation phase, you need to make sure that your AC is appropriately sized for your home. Only a professional will be able to provide an adequate load calculation of your home and match that to an AC that fits your home’s needs.
  • Options: When you deal with a professional, you have options. Not only do you have central air systems to select from, but you can also take advantage of ductless split heat pumps that provide cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter. A professional can help you differentiate between the various types of system to find one that’s right for your home.
  • SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the rating used in the US for air conditioning units. Every AC has a numeric SEER rating, and the higher the number, the greater its estimated energy efficiency. While energy efficiency depends on numerous factors beyond your AC’s SEER, it’s generally a good guide for purchasing a new system.
  • Refrigerant: During installation, your AC will need to be properly charged with refrigerant. This level is incredibly important to both the energy efficiency and effectiveness of your new system. If it is not completed properly, it can result in inadequate cooling and high energy bills. Your AC technician will make sure your system is charged with the manufacturer’s recommended amount of refrigerant.

Call HB Energy Solutions if you need air conditioning installation in New Hampshire.

How Thermostat Location can Affect Your Air Conditioning Installation

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Your thermostat is critical to the smooth operation and energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. There are various makes and models on the market today, from old-fashioned conventional models to the latest in wifi-enabled “smart” units. If you’re having an air conditioning installation service in your New Hampshire home, then you need to find a good location for your thermostat, one that maximizes the potential of your new AC. At HB Energy Solutions, we strive to make the entire process easy on you, from equipment selection to the installation itself. Give us a call today to learn more about thermostats or about a new air conditioner for your home.

The thermostat has a simple, but absolute vital purpose. It provides the homeowners with a relatively simple user interface by which he or she can control the indoor climate, and it also senses the temperature of the space and communicates with the control board on the AC itself. But much of its ability to perform its function successfully depends upon its location in the home. Let’s look at some factors related to thermostat location that can affect your AC:

  • Drafts: Whether from doors, windows, ducts, or fans, drafts can disrupt your thermostat’s ability to sense the temperature accurately. It should be located away from spots in the home that have drafts.
  • Sunlight: You should make sure that your thermostat is not in the direct line of the sun coming through the window or skylight. For obvious reasons, this can substantially affect its ability to sense the temperature accurately, which can then throw off the entire cooling process.

While there are many DIY enthusiasts out there, it’s important that your new air conditioning equipment include professional installation services. There’s simply no other way to ensure that your entire AC—thermostat included—satisfies your expectations. Don’t underestimate the importance of thermostat location. It can make or break the operation of your cooling system’s performance as well as its energy efficiency. Call HB Energy Solutions today for comprehensive air conditioning installation services in New Hampshire. 

Springfield, VT Air Conditioning Question: How Does Central AC Work?

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Air conditioning systems are designed with one main purpose in mind: cooling indoor air so that our homes remain comfortable even when the weather outside is much too hot.

Central air conditioning systems work by cooling air within the air conditioner itself, and then sending that air conditioned air through a series of supply ducts to rooms throughout a building.  The air then circulates within that room and over time it heats up and returns through return ducts back to the air conditioner where it is once again cooled.  The cycle repeats as long as the central AC system is running.

The air cooling process within the air conditioner happens through a complex process involving different internal mechanical parts of the air conditioner.  The compressor is a device which compresses refrigerant, increasing its temperature and pressure thus turning it into a vapor.  The vapor flows into the condenser where the excess heat is transferred outside.  As this happens the refrigerant is turned back into a liquid state.  As air passes over the coils the air is cooled and dehumidified.  During dehumidification, excess moisture is removed from the air and turned into a liquid which is then drained.

Central air conditioning systems can utilize the same duct system as heating systems, and both can be controlled through one main thermostat.  At the thermostat you can set temperatures for varying days and times.  Central AC systems are more energy efficient than they used to be, and they continue to improve every year.

HB Energy Solutions offers central air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair, so call us if you need AC service in Springfield, VT and the surrounding area!