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What Causes a Pellet Stove to Stop Working?

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Your pellet stove is reliable, strong, and sturdy. You’ve been using it for years, so what could just cause it to stop working out of nowhere? There are a few potential problems we can look at to determine if you’re in need of repair or if it’s something else entirely.

Do you know what stinks? Searching for “pellet stove repair near me” and being bombarded with a ton of clear sales pages and no helpful information. We’re going to use this opportunity to tell you what we believe could be wrong with it before deciding whether or not you need professional assistance.


3 Common Myths About Pellet Stoves

Monday, November 14th, 2022
Family enjoying warmth by a wood burning stove.

You search for “pellet stove repair near me,” then you see a flurry of opinions, forum posts, and “articles” about pellet stoves. How do you sift through the noise and actually find out about pellet stove repairs?

It starts by knowing fact from fiction. These myths surrounding pellet stoves float around everywhere, but today, we’re going to bust them.


Heating FAQ: Why Choose Wood Pellets?

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

daughter-mother-snowIn this day and age, you’d have to be an exceedingly choosy customer to claim that there aren’t enough heating options available to you. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that there are actually so many different options to choose from that the real trouble is simply narrowing down your heating options. One that you certainly should not overlook is the burning of wood pellets in New Hampshire. You’d be missing out in doing so.

While there is no single heating option that will best suit everyone—there wouldn’t be so many different options if this were the case—it is tough to argue against the many benefits that a wood pellet stove has to offer. What kinds of benefits, you ask? Well, that just so happens to be the subject of today’s post! Keep the following information in mind, and let a member of our team know if you’re ready to expand your heating experience into the wood pellet realm.


Heating in New Hampshire: How Pellet Stoves Work

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Although we no longer use fireplaces and wood-burning stoves as the only way of heating a New Hampshire home, they can still help out during the cold months if you want to gather around a roaring flame and take in the loveliness of an old-fashioned hearth.

But just because the fireplace is an old-fashioned idea doesn’t mean that a fireplace has to be old-fashioned—or even inefficient. The wood pellet stove is a great alternative to a fireplace for people who don’t want to worry about woodpiles. And a pellet stove is also an effective method of providing heat for your home, much better than a standard fireplace. If you want to know more, contact HB Energy Solutions, where we install top-of-the-line pellet stoves.

A wood pellet stove burns pellets made of recycled wood and sawdust leftover from the lumber industry. The pellets have low-levels of pollution and are inexpensive to purchase. They are very dense, so they burn slowly, and with their low moisture, they produce hotter flames.

The pellets go in a hopper on the top or bottom of the stove. An auger (resembling a long screw) delivers the pellets into a burn pot, which electricity then ignites and begins burning the compressed pellets. Ashes fall into an ash pot, which you will need to clean out regularly.

To get your home heated, a pellet stove uses convection. A convection blower draws in air from the room and passes it over the pellets, which helps them burn stronger and also raises the temperature of the air. The heated air passes through a heat exchanger, and a room blower sends warm air into the room, very much like a furnace does. The exhaust goes out a pipe in the back to the outside—which means you don’t need a chimney installed to get the benefits of a pellet stove. However, insert pellet stoves can fit into your existing fireplace if you want to upgrade.

With the control offered by a thermostat, you can get the right amount of heat you want. That’s something you’d have a much harder time doing with a traditional fireplace.

HB Energy Solutions installs and maintains pellet stoves that can give you a cozy home with the benefits of a fireplace and few of the drawbacks. We’ve been heating New Hampshire homes for 21 years, and so call us today to learn more!