Air Conditioning Repair and Your Thermostat

Your air conditioning system and the quality of its operation depends on the proper function of many different components. One of the most important of these components is also the one that you have the most direct interaction with. You probably don’t deal with your condenser or evaporator coils very frequently, but during the summer months you probably adjust your thermostat daily. When you rely on a mechanical device so much, it is important that you are certain it operates properly. Don’t let a malfunctioning thermostat jeopardize your comfort this cooling season. Here are a few tips about your thermostat from the Southern Vermont air conditioning repair technicians at HB Energy.

Problems with your thermostat may manifest themselves in a number of different ways. You may notice that your air conditioning system shuts down before target temperatures are met. This may have to do with a thermostat issue. It is possible for your thermostat to misread the temperature. If it thinks that your living room is 68° when it is actually 75°, for instance, then there is no way that you can expect your air conditioning system to function properly. Contact an AC repair technician immediately if your thermostat seems to have trouble regulating the cooling of your home.

Never overlook the very real possibility of user error at the thermostat, though. Before you decide that your thermostat is actually damaged, make sure that you have set it properly. If it has accidentally been switched to the “heat” setting, or if you have misread the display and set it for a higher temperature than you meant to, you do not really need the services of a professional air conditioning repair technician. If there is no obvious cause of any problem, though, it may well be broken or even poorly placed. If your thermostat is a spot not indicative of the true temperature in your house, simply relocating it may do the trick.

For more guidance on successfully operating your thermostat and when to schedule air conditioning repair in Southern Vermont, just call HB Energy.

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