Causes of Uneven Air Conditioning in New Hampshire

Your air conditioning system is a critical component of your home’s comfort. But what if it is only cooling certain sections of your home? This can be incredibly frustrating and is often a sign that you need repairs for your air conditioning in New Hampshire. Read below for a brief explanation of what could be causing this issue.

Air Conditioner is Too Big or Too Small

If your air conditioning system is too large for your home, it will turn on and quickly cool the areas closest to it and then shut off when the thermostat senses that the area is cool. Conversely, if your air conditioning system is too small, it won’t be able to cool enough air. In order to fully cool your entire home, your air conditioner will needs to be properly sized.


Another common cause of hot and cold spots throughout your home could be with your ductwork. It might be the case that the ducts in a certain area of your home are leaking. Any cool air that tries to get through could be leaking outside. It may also be that your ducts are poorly insulated so the heat in your attic warms the air as it passes through the ducts. Uneven cooling can also happen if ductwork in your home is too small for your air conditioning system. In this case, your AC system is trying to pull in more air through the ducts but there simply isn’t the space for it.

If you are having any of these problems or if you need service for your air conditioning in New Hampshire, make sure that you call the experts at HB Energy.  

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