Is This It? Time for a New AC?

AC-toolsWe had another bitterly cold winter here in Vermont and, to be frank, spring was no, well, spring picnic, either. Now that things are warming up a bit and the sun’s rays are hitting us more and more, it is time to start thinking about your air conditioning system. No, you may not be running your air conditioner yet, but the time will be here soon enough. When it does arrive, will your air conditioner be ready to step up to the plate?

If you are mulling over an air conditioning replacement in Woodstock, VT, you definitely shouldn’t be rushing through the decision making process. That being said, you also really don’t want to wait too long before deciding if this really is the year for a replacement. After all, waiting for your system to break down entirely is likely going to result in a breakdown just when you need it most! Here are a few tips to help you decide if it’s time for a replacement.

How Old Is Your AC?

Let’s move forward with a bit of caution on this topic, because a lot of homeowners seem to think that old ACs always require replacement, and new ones never do. This is not really the case. However, the age of your air conditioner is a good barometer for gauging whether or not other issues lead you toward replacement.

Confused? Don’t worry. Just remember that you don’t need to replace your AC based solely on its age. A good system that is also well-maintained will often outlast its projected lifespan—by a long shot, in many cases. Likewise, a newer system may be upgraded due to issues with the following factors.

Can You Count on Your System?

If your system is really old, then reliability may be an issue. This happens with age, which is why so many homeowners associate old age with replacement needs. If you are frequently repairing your AC, or even if you just need one very expensive repair, then you may want to replace it instead.

Newer systems may prove unreliable too, though. If your system is undersized, for instance, it will struggle to cool your home effectively. Short cycling may ensue, and that may increase the frequency of repair needs. In this case, or if your system is facing a very costly repair not covered under any warranty, then definitely reach out about your replacement options.

Is Efficiency an Issue?

Efficiency, or, rather, inefficiency, is another problem that can affect HVAC systems new and old alike. Older systems will suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years that may limit efficiency capabilities. It’s also possible that your system is old enough that it was simply built at a time when efficiency standards weren’t what they are today.

Of course, newer systems may also be inefficient. Maybe you compromised on efficiency when you invested in your new system to save some money. Maybe you inherited a relatively low-efficiency system with your home. Whatever the case may be, replacing the system now if funds are available can really help to save you money in the long run.

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