Taking Stock of That Old Air Conditioner

ACLast time around, we recommended that you take a few minutes to take stock of your home heating system, now that we are slowly but surely (admittedly, more slowly) moving into the warmer time of the year. As you consider how your heating system performed this past winter, we also encourage you to think further back and consider how your air conditioner functioned last cooling season. It may seem premature, but look at it this way—you don’t want to be thinking about it when the temperatures have already risen!

Spring is a great time to go ahead and replace your air conditioning system in Southern Vermont. Even if you’re not planning to replace, you’ll be scheduling routine AC maintenance anyway. Of course, you don’t want to tune up an AC that you’re going to decide to replace in just a couple of months anyway, right? So keep the following in mind, and remember—you can count on our team to handle any and all AC services that you may need.

Were You Pleased with Your System’s Performance Last Year?

How did your air conditioning actually perform last year? It sounds like an obvious question, but trust us. Too many homeowners are happy to ignore signs of trouble with their system or to put up with what ultimately amounts to a subpar cooling performance. If you ask us, you deserve better than that! It doesn’t matter that we don’t live in the hottest place in the country. When temperatures are at their peak, you need and deserve the best that your AC has to offer!

So, if you found your AC unable to cool your home effectively or evenly last summer, remember that this problem didn’t just go away in the offseason! We may be able to diagnose a problem and repair it, but replacement may also be your best option. If in doubt, let us know what concerns you have so that we can evaluate the problem and determine the right next steps.

How Is Your System’s Efficiency?

IF you are paying an arm and a leg to cool your home, despite the fact that your system is regularly tuned up, then that in and of itself is more than enough reason to consider a replacement. We understand that you may be hesitant to replace a system that is reliable just because it’s not also efficient, but it is worth it in the long run.

Remember that inefficiency really adds up over time. So, even if your system is not all that old, its inefficiency is going to wind up costing your more than you should be paying, year after year. While the initial purchase price of a new system is considerable, it can actually save you money to bite the bullet and replace your system now.

Why Not Try Something New?

If your system is getting older, and you’ve had your eye on newer technology like a heat pump or ductless mini split, start taking advantage of it sooner than later! The same is true of your heater. If you’re thinking about replacing your heater, and your AC is probably toward the end of its lifespan, then investing in a heat pump system now gets you both systems with one convenient replacement!

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