Why Is My AC Shutting Off So Soon?

We certainly haven’t had any warm weather necessitating the use of an air conditioning system just yet. However, the heat of summer will be here before you know it, and that is a truth that most around here will welcome with open arms. Just remember, though, that you need to know that your AC is going to function reliably if you hope to enjoy your summer to the fullest. Any problems with your air conditioner during the summer season, such as short cycling, can seriously impede your overall enjoyment of the warmer weather. If you notice any such issues, be sure to schedule professional air conditioning repairs with a member of our staff right away.

It’s Called Short Cycling

When your air conditioner starts up after temperatures creep high enough in your home, it should run a full cooling cycle as it brings the temperature back down to an acceptable level. If your air conditioner comes on just fine, but it then shuts back down abruptly, it is short cycling. Short cycling is detrimental to your air conditioner in a number of ways. It puts a lot of stress on the system and its components, as it forces it to start up over and over again. Because your system uses more energy to start up than at any other point during its cycle, this can also lead to increased cooling costs, as well. Your indoor air quality could also suffer, as an AC will dehumidify the air in your home somewhat over the course of a cooling cycle. When it short cycles, it won’t be able to do so as effectively.

What Causes It?

An air conditioner may short cycle for a few different reasons. It is possible that your system is just too large for your home, and is bringing temperatures down too quickly. If this is the case, there is really no other course of action than to replace your system with a more appropriately sized one. You may also have a faulty thermostat, though, which is reading temperatures incorrectly, or you may even have a failing run capacitor. This device maintains appropriate current in the AC as it runs, and its failure can disrupt the cycling of your system.

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