Homeowner Tips: Common Electrical Problems

plug-in-outletWouldn’t it be nice if every single system in your home worked exactly as it should at all times? Okay, that was a nice divergence into fantasy land. Now that we’re back in reality, let’s acknowledge the fact that you are going to run into problems with the systems in your home. Your electrical system is certainly no exception to this rule. That is why it is so important to work with electricians that you can trust in Acworth, VT.

While we by no means alarmists looking to scare homeowners into purchases or plan memberships that they don’t really need, we do want to remind you that your electrical system can prove dangerous if it is not working properly. That is why you need to take any problems with the system very seriously and work with trained professionals when issues come up. Look out for these common signs of electrical problems in your home, and be sure to handle them proactively by dialing our number.

Flickering Lights

One trap that homeowners fall into is convincing themselves that potential problems with their electrical systems are little more than minor annoyances. Again, you need to remember that there is the potential for danger here. Yes, even if we’re “just” talking about flickering lights.

Lights may flicker for a few reasons. It is completely possible that you’ve got a bad bulb or even that it’s just not screwed in securely. However, you may also have a problem with your wiring. That is a much more serious situation, and one that needs to be addressed immediately.

Frequently Tripped Circuits

Your circuit breaker is sort of the central hub when it comes to your electrical system. Just as a central train station will have tracks running in all different directions to cover the surrounding areas, your circuit breaker distributes electricity along to the various circuits in your home when needed.

If your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, though, it could mean that it’s not capable of handling the electrical load in your home. It could also be a wiring issue. Whatever the case, it is incredibly inconvenient to be heading to the circuit breaker to reset circuits all of the time. And, again, the real danger here is, well—danger!

Burning Odors

If you smell burning odors in your home, and you’re certain that you weren’t just a little careless when preparing dinner, then you’re going to want to have your wiring inspected. See scorch marks on your outlets? Have light switch faceplates that are warm to the touch? You might be experiencing arc faults that are a serious fire hazard.

Modern electrical systems are safer than ever thanks to modern practices, standards, and the quality of materials used. Nothing is 100% safe, though. Do your part to protect yourself and your family. Be sure to report any concerns that you have about the electrical system in your home to a member of our team ASAP.

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