When to Call an Electrician

We understand that a lot of homeowners like to handle jobs around the house on their own. We understand that it sometimes seems preferable to ignore “minor” problems than to have them addressed by trained professionals that, frankly—you’re going to have to pay! However, we also understand that the failure to work with professional electricians in New Hampshire, at the right time, can lead to dangerous situations in one’s home. And that’s not something that we can overlook.

Today, we want to talk about some of the situations in which you’ll want to call an electrician. If you think that electricians are only really here for when you need new wiring or something installed in your house, think again. There are many situations in which you should be reaching for the phone, and most certainly not your own toolbox! Be sure to reach out to us with any questions that you may have. Our electricians have the answers you need.

You Notice Flickering Lights in Your Home

As is the case with many problems, you’ll want to rule out the most obvious causes of problems like this. What might be an obvious cause of flickering lights? How about a light bulb that is not actually screwed in all the way, resulting in a bad connection in its mount? You certainly don’t want to pay us to come out to your home just to tighten up a light bulb, and you know what—we totally understand that!

However, if there is not an obvious cause of this problem, then you’ll definitely want to reach out to us and schedule service ASAP. The longer that you wait to do so, the greater the risk of serious issues developing. You may just have a bad fixture that needs replacing, but you may also have bad wiring that needs to be addressed before you wind up in a potentially dangerous situation!

You Smell Burning or Have Hot Outlets/Switches

If this is happening in your home, then you may well be experiencing an issue like an arc fault. Make no mistake about this situation—it’s dangerous, and it requires professional intervention. Arc faults can definitely cause a fire in your house, and if you’re smelling something like that, you may have wires melting away in your walls.

A hot switch or outlet panel is definitely not something that can afford to ignore. And no, it doesn’t have to be glowing red hot for this to be the case. That plate shouldn’t be hot, period, so don’t write the need for professional service off because it’s not “that hot.”

You Need Any Electrical Equipment Installed or Serviced

This is a zero-tolerance situation here. If you are not a professional electrician, then you really have no business attempting to service your electrical systems or appliances on your home. It’s simply not worth the risk, regardless of what you think you may be saving. From new circuit panel installations to ceiling fan repairs, you need to know that your electrical system in the hands of skilled, trained professionals.

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