3 Benefits of the Mini Split Heat Pump

Vermonters, it is safe to say, have very close relationships with their home heating systems. If you live in this area and you are ready to invest in a new home heating system, it is important that you take the time to really weigh the various options available to you. We use our heaters way too much throughout the long, bitter heating season to take any chances with the quality of our heaters. Simply having a great heater is not enough to guarantee your comfort or your complete satisfaction with your heating system, though. You must also have a heater that suits your personal preferences perfectly. We recommend that you consider using a ductless mini split heat pump in Springfield, VT. Read on, and let HB Energy Solutions know if you’d like to schedule an installation. 


A major benefit of the ductless heating system is the efficiency with which these systems operate. They are so efficient for a few different reasons. First of all, they utilize heat pump technology in order to use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat the interior of one’s home. This process requires just a small amount of electricity. Additionally, because they use no ductwork, there is no risk of energy loss via compromised air ducts, further boosting their efficiency levels.


Ductless mini split heating systems use individual, wall-mounted blowers in order to distribute heated air throughout one’s home. Typically, an outdoor unit can accommodate up to four of these blowers. Each is controlled independently of others with its own thermostat, so you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. This allows you to live in improved comfort and to use less energy in doing so.


Like more traditional heat pumps, ductless mini splits can reverse their refrigerant cycle, reversing their operation in the process. This means that you can use your mini split heat pump in order to both heat and cool your home. To learn more, or to schedule your mini split heat pump services with trained professionals, just dial our number.

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