Are You Familiar with Our Dual Fuel Discount?

There are a lot of systems and machines that require fuel in order to operate. When you use those fuels consistently and extensively, you need to have them delivered to you in a reasonable quantity. Considering how busy our days are, anything that can make that process simpler and more convenient is well worth considering.

Not only will you find all of the fuels that you need all in one place when you work with us, but you can even save money when purchasing those fuels. If you use more than one fuel regularly, you should give some attention to our dual fuel discount. We’ll make sure that you have all of the fuel that you need in Woodstock, VT, and that you are paying an affordable price for them.

What Fuels Are Eligible for This Discount?

Do you heat your home with an oil boiler or furnace? Are you trying to do your part environmentally by opting for Bio-heat fuels? Do you have propane storage tanks on your property to fuel your heater, water heater, and/or stove? Heavy machinery need refueling frequently? Do you just like to relax next to the warmth of a pellet stove on a cold winter night? If so, then you are in luck! The following fuels all qualify for our dual fuel discount rates.

  • #2 heating oil
  • Bio–heat
  • Propane
  • Off Road Diesel
  • Wood Pellets

This discount can be applied to many of our payment options, including the fuel’s cash price, pre-buy pricing, and budget plan pricing.  The savings can really add up over time, especially when you consider how long our heating system is. When purchasing both heating oil and propane, for instance, the savings is .10 cents per gallon on each. Contact a member of our staff today for current pricing, details about our delivery area, scheduling, and more.

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