Can I Use a Ductless Mini Split as my Only Heat Source During Winter?


Upgrading your home heating and cooling system? If you’re struggling to figure out which one you want, you’re not alone.

We’re in Southern Vermont–it gets cold and you need to know that your heating system won’t give out on you. So can you really use a mini split as primary heat source?

Let’s break it down and talk about how powerful mini splits are, and whether or not they make sense for your home and family.

Mini Splits Work Best in Tandem

While you can use a single mini split to heat your home, and it is entirely possible, it’s best to use at least two mini splits. This isn’t just good for redundancy in the event that one breaks, but it lowers the wear and tear load from one unit.

As a rule of thumb, you should have 20 BTUs worth of heating for every square foot of livable space you have in your home. That means if your home is 1,000 square feet, for example, you should have 20,000 BTUs of heating capability to support that space.

Instead of getting a single unit that can output that much, you can split up the job between two units. Depending on airflow, access, and what makes sense for your home, splitting up the job could be beneficial.

Mini Splits Are Operable in Negative Temperatures

Ductless mini splits can generally work from 0° F down to a round -5° F. However, we have to be fair and compare this against gas furnaces, which can operate even in -15° F.

Because mini splits specifically run on electricity and don’t have oil or gas options available, there’s certainly a difference. With how cold it can get here in Southern Vermont, it’s important to know the operating temperature of any HVAC system or unit in your home.

There’s Nothing Stopping You From a Mini Split Primary Heat Source

While your mini split certainly benefits from being part of a bigger system, it’s powerful enough to heat your home on its own. Take the square footage/BTU rule into account, and you’ll find that most mini splits offer more than enough power to keep you comfortable.

Because they’re energy efficient and simple to maintain for homeowners, they’re an excellent choice. No ducts, no unnecessary maintenance or air leaks: you just get to enjoy the warm air.

Is a Mini Split Right for Your Home This Winter?

A mini split may be enough for your home even if it’s your primary heat source. It depends on how well-insulated your home is, the size, and the power of your mini split.

If you plan accordingly, you can also pair it with another heat source like a pellet stove if you would prefer to run a mini split as an auxiliary or secondary heat source. The choice is yours, but one thing is clear: you have so many options to heat your home this winter.

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