Common Furnace Problems

cold-manIf there is one system that you really don’t want to gamble with in the middle of winter in New England, it is your home heating system. These days, heaters in general are more dependable and reliable than ever before. However, no heater can truly claim to be 100% reliable. That just is not a possibility. Even the furnace, which stands as probably the most popular and common of all home heating systems, can suffer from occasional operational problems.

If you use a furnace to heat your home, you are going to need to schedule professional furnace repair services at some point. There are plenty of warning signs that you may notice that could indicate a furnace in need of repair. There are also some relatively common furnace problems that you may encounter,  and we’re going to cover a few of those today. Don’t be taken by surprise if you should encounter any of these issues with your furnace in Langdon, NH.

Thermostat Malfunctions

One bit of “good” news, if you can really call it that, is that not all problems that you encounter with your furnace are actually going to be problems with your furnace itself. If your furnace is blowing cool air, for instance, or seems to be shutting down before your desired temperatures are met,  then you could actually be dealing malfunctioning thermostat.

Now, a malfunctioning thermostat is obviously not a great thing, but it’s not the worst news that you could possibly here. After all, replacing a thermostat entirely is probably still going to put you back less than many repairs to the furnace itself would. We will definitely rule out such issues with your furnace before deciding that more involved work must be done.

General Wear and Tear

“Wear and tear” is obviously a very broad term. It covers a lot of ground, and that is precisely why it is such a common problem. That is also exactly why routine furnace maintenance is so important. That particular service is, without a doubt,  your best defense against the many different problems that general wear and tear can cause.

Problems such as worn out belts resulting in loud screeching sounds, insufficiently lubricated moving parts grinding up against each other, and many others can all lead to serious headaches if not resolved in a timely fashion. Be sure to have your furnace tuned up on an annual basis.

Combustion Issues

If you use a gas furnace, then you are actually combusting a fuel source in order to generate the heat that your furnace needs in order to warm up your entire home. Needless, to say, you really need this process to go smoothly. Not only will combustion issues put the overall performance quality of the heater at risk, but it can put your own personal safety at risk as well.

Should you hear a loud booming when your furnace cycles on, or if it is shutting down before the heating process can even get underway, contact us immediately. Our team wants to ensure that you are heating your home effectively and reliably, and safely as well.

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