Don’t Forget to Have Your Ductless Split Heat Pump Tuned-Up

This has been another fairly mild winter for this part of the country, but any Vermonter can tell you that March does not mean warm weather. We’ve got a good bit of cold ahead of us, and you are no doubt still running your ductless split heat pump in Springfield, VT quite regularly. Just remember that, when the warmer weather does finally start to settle in, you cannot simply switch your system over to its cooling mode and hope for the best. Your ductless mini split system has been working hard to help you to heat your home efficiently throughout the winter season, and a tune-up is in order before you put it back to work for the cooling season.

How Does Maintenance Benefit Me and My System?

It is advisable for any heating or cooling system to be tuned-up and thoroughly inspected on an annual basis. However, you must keep in mind the fact that your ductless mini split, thanks to its utilization of heat pump technology, is working pretty much year round. That’s essentially twice the amount of playing time, so it only makes sense to schedule twice the maintenance. When you use one system year round, you should have it tuned up before or after both the heating and the cooling seasons, just as you would have a heating or cooling only system tuned up for its particular season of operation.

Having your ductless mini splits tuned up before the cooling season begins benefits it in a number of ways. The refrigerant levels will be checked, for instance, to ensure that there is no leak in the system. Each blower has refrigerant running to it, so there are many points at which a problem could potentially develop. We’ll also make sure that your controls are operating properly, and that your reversing valve is in good working order. That way, you’ll be able to adjust temperatures and switch over to the cooling mode successfully. If you want to protect the operational condition of your ductless mini splits, your comfort, and your budget, routine maintenance is an absolute necessity.

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