Forced Air Heaters Need Fresh Filters

cold-couple-couchThis summer may have felt like a long one at points, but it is time once again to turn our attention turn our heaters here in Vermont. And if you use a forced air heating system in your home, such as a furnace or an air-source heat pump, then you need to make sure that you have a fresh air filter in place. The last thing that you want is to face problems with your home heating experience due to keeping a dirty filter in your heater.

While most heating maintenance in Southern Vermont is going to require the skill and expertise that only trained professionals can offer,¬† that doesn’t mean that this simple maintenance step should go unfulfilled. Simple does mean inconsequential in this instance, and the fact is that changing your air filter regularly is the best possible thing that you can do for your heater on your own. So read on, keep your filter in mind, and make sure that you’re able to live warm and comfortably this winter.

Increased Airflow Resistance Is a Big Issue

Your forced air heating system doesn’t have the power of a jet engine. Yes, the system needs to be strong and sturdy in order to force heated air throughout your entire home. It has its limitations, though, and it can really start to struggle if you leave a dirty air filter in it. That is why you need to keep the filter fresh!

  • Reduced energy efficiency is one of the most obvious problems that a dirty filter can lead to. Basically, your system is just going to use more energy the harder that it has to work in order to force air throughout your home. When the filter is really clogged up, it gets harder to do so. That results in higher than usual heating costs.
  • Reduced indoor air quality is another consideration, though the correlation between dirty filters and air quality¬†may not be what you think. This filter is of a relatively low efficiency, and its primary function is not to protect indoor air quality. It’s to protect the system itself from problems caused by dirt and dust building up on its sensitive components. If the filter is too dirty, though, air and the pollutants in it can be forced around the filter, and this can reduce air quality throughout the living space.
  • Reduced reliability will follow if you allow your heater’s filter to get dirty enough and continue to run the system for long enough. Yes, really. The system can start to overheat. That can cause it to short cycle. The short cycling can increase wear and tear on the system. That makes the system less reliable. That results in more frequent and more costly repair needs. Eventually, the system’s lifespan may even be shortened.

If you are serious about getting the most from your heating system, and you should be in this part of the country, the least you can do is to keep a fresh filter in your system!

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