Furnace Problems: What Are Some Red Flags?

dog-blanketWe took a beating with a heavy snowstorm just this past week, and the frigid temperatures that followed prove once again just how reliant we really are on our home heating systems here in Southern Vermont. If you have any concerns at all about your heater, including your furnace in Bellows Falls or the surrounding area, then you really do need to take prompt action. The longer that you wait to schedule any necessary furnace repairs, the worse off your system is likely to be.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you’ve certainly seen us address this topic before. It is one that we like to come back to from time to time, though, because you never know when problems with your furnace are going to strike! And, frankly, it is easy to “forget” what you’ve read previously when the time comes to really apply the situation. Scheduling immediately furnace repair may not be “convenient,” but it is much more convenient than scheduling emergency repairs when your system breaks down!

Your Heating Output Is Inconsistent

Your heater, if properly sized, professionally installed, and routinely maintained, should provide you with a consistent heating output that meets the needs of your home. If your system has heated your house evenly and effectively throughout in the past, but is now struggling to do so, then you definitley have a problem on your hands.

A professional diagnosis is a must here, because the exact problem that you’re dealing with is not going to be immediately obvious. You may have leaky ductwork, for instance. Have a zone control system? The issue may lie with the dampers or a thermostat somewhere in the house. It may be a problem with your electric heating coils or your gas combustion setup. We’ll figure it out for sure, so we can resolve the right problem the right way!

Your Heating Costs Are Spiking

When you live in as cold a climate as we do, you have to expect some relatively substantial heating costs. However, you should not really see a major spike in your utility costs associated with heating from one season to another—and certainly not from one billing cycle to another! Depending on what type of system and fuel/resources you use, it can be difficult to parse out exactly how much of a role your heating system is playing.

However, major spikes once your heater kicks into gear, or a month or two into the heating season, are definitely a red flag. Don’t just bite the bullet and shell out money, and don’t ignore amounts paid automatically. Reach out to our team if you think your higher bills may be related to a heating problem.

Your System Is Not Operating Normally in Any Way

We cannot stress this enough—any irregularity with your system’s operation is cause for concern. No, it does not matter that the system is still starting and stopping. No, it does not matter if it is still generating heat. Any and all irregularities need to be addressed. A total breakdown or loss of heat is not the only issue that spells trouble. Call us about:

  • Short cycling
  • Strange sounds
  • Unusually loud sounds
  • Burning odors
  • Fuel odors

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