How Ductless Heating Systems Work

Ductless systems have been around for a while, having been used primarily in commercial spaces, but over the last decade they’ve become very popular with homeowners. While many people think of cooling when they think of ductless systems, they can heat just as well as they can cool. In addition to offering both heating and cooling, ductless systems offer other benefits, which may make ductless heating and cooling in New Hampshire a good option for your home. HB Energy Solutions offers many kind of heating systems, and our technicians have a great deal of experience with ductless systems. Contact us today.

How Ductless Systems Heat

Ductless systems use heat pump technology to offer both heating and cooling to your home. The main component that allows the system to provide heating and cooling is the reversing valve. This valve changes the direction of the refrigerant flow, which is how the system changes modes. A small electrical component called a solenoid allows the valve slide from one position to another, and the control for switching modes is on your home’s thermostat.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

As we’ve discussed, one of the main benefits of installing a ductless system is that it offers both heating and cooling. But there are some other benefits worth considering:

  • Energy efficiency – a heat pump does not use any fossil fuels to operate, and uses about 25% of the electricity that a whole-home air conditioner uses. As such, heat pumps are very energy efficient.
  • Easy installation – a ductless system has simple components: an outdoor unit, indoors blowers (up to 4 per outdoor unit) and a conduit that connects the blowers to the outdoor unit. Installation is pretty straightforward: the indoor blower is mounted and connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit drilled into an exterior wall.
  • Customized comfort – each blower operates individually, allowing you to customize your comfort per room.

If you are looking for a heating system that can also keep you cool and that is very energy efficient, it may be time to consider the installation of ductless heating in New Hampshire.

If you think a ductless system is a good fit for your home, call HB Energy Solutions today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation experts.

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