New Hampshire Heating System Buyer’s Guide: Pros and Cons of Different Systems

Once upon a time, there were few options for heating your home: coal in a stove, wood in a fireplace. Today, technology has given us a multitude of choices for how to make our living spaces comfortable and pleasant during the winter. But choice also brings a dilemma: which heating system is the best one for your home? With winter approaching us soon in New Hampshire, heating systems are probably on your mind, and you need a helpful guide to navigate through your choices.

HB Energy has put together a short list of the pros and cons of some of the available systems. For heating system installation in New Hampshire, call HB Energy.


Boilers are one of the most common heating systems and are frequently found in older homes. Boilers use either gas, oil, or electricity to circulate heat around your house using hot water, either in pipes or radiators.

  • Pros: Boilers are quiet and efficient. Because they do not use air circulation, they are excellent choices for homes with people who have allergies to airborne pollutants. There are also no air filters to change.
  • Cons: Boilers heat your home more slowly than other heating systems.


A furnace sends hot air through vents in your house, and can also operate from electricity, oil, propane, gas.

  • Pros: Newer model furnaces are very efficient at providing heat, with high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings.
  • Cons: Furnaces require a system of ducts to distribute heat, and therefore take up more space. Since they use air ducts, they can circulate pollutants throughout your home.

When you need an expert opinion on the heating system that is right for your home, contact the New Hampshire heating experts at HB Energy and schedule an appointment today.


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