Southern Vermont Heating Guide: Protect Your Budget This Winter

Few winter landscapes look more beautiful than those in Vermont. But beauty does not equal comfort. You’ll need a dependable and efficient heater in your home this coming winter to keep you warm enough to enjoy the season.

But just getting sufficient heat is not enough: you want to get heat that won’t drain your budget by the end of the season. Is it possible to get decent, comfortable heating without seeing your energy bills balloon? There are some basic steps you can take to protect your budget from unpleasant surprises this winter. HB Energy Solutions has advice for your heating system that will help you keep those energy bills under control:

Find a pleasant, lower temperature on the thermostat

The U.S. department of energy has found that simply dropping your thermostat ten degrees for eight hours a day can mean an almost 20% savings on your annual energy bill. Don’t set the thermostat up to the high 70s or 80s: with an extra layer of clothing, you’ll find that 68°F is ideal for comfort. When you’re sleeping, you may be able to turn the temperature down even more.

Update to a programmable thermostat

This goes hand-in-hand with keeping the thermostat down. A programmable thermostat gives you precision control over temperature, and the automation means you won’t need to remember to change the setting when it’s necessary. You can also have the thermostat lower the temperature when you leave for the day, and then start warming the house up before you return.

Schedule maintenance for your heater

Getting a maintenance check-up on your heater isn’t only to avoid extra repairs and abrupt breakdowns. The maintenance technician will give your heater a tune-up so it won’t drain extra power when it runs. A heater in good repair is a heater that will run its best, and you won’t see unnecessary spikes in your power bills.

It’s a good idea to schedule maintenance for your heater right now, so you’ll not only be prepared for winter, but you’ll take advantage of a slower time for HVAC professionals. We at HB Energy Solutions offer a maintenance plan that will keep your heater in prime health. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about getting additional savings on heating in Southern Vermont.

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