Springfield VT Heating Fuel Guide: Types of Heating Fuels

HB Energy customers can choose from several different types of heating fuels for delivery. There are also a few different delivery options and payment plans. This makes it easier than ever to get the right heating fuel for your home at a price that fits your budget and with a delivery that’s conveniently timed to accommodate your schedule.

Fuel Delivery Options

The fuels available from HB Energy include Biofuel and #2 home heating oil. These can be delivered either at your discretion or automatically, whichever works better for you. Opting for automatic delivery means that the company monitors your heating fuel usage and delivers once you reach a certain pre-set minimum level. This service is convenient because it means you don’t have to worry about how much fuel you have left, and you can be sure you’ll never run out.

If you’d rather have control over how much heating fuel is delivered to your home and when, you can choose the will call program. This requires you monitor your own heating fuel levels and then call when you need a delivery.

Locking in the Best Price

In addition to these delivery options, there are also a few different ways you can manage the cost of your heating fuel through one of the available price protection plans. If you choose the pre-buy plan, for instance, you pay for all of the fuel you expect to use in the coming year in one lump sum. That means you won’t have to worry about increases in the price of heating fuel throughout the year, as all your fuel has already been paid for.

Another option is a capped price plan in which you agree to pay as you go, but no more than a certain agreed-upon price per gallon. If market fluctuations drive the price of heating fuel down, you’ll pay the reduced rate, but you’ll never pay more than the rate you agreed to pay at the beginning.

If you’d rather pay the same amount every month rather than paying as you go or purchasing all of your fuel up front, you can opt for a budget plan. The per gallon prices under this type of plan are typically a bit higher than under the pre-buy plan, but the help you spread out the cost of your heating fuel throughout the year and make it easier to know exactly what the cost will be each month.

For more information about buying heating fuel in Springfield VT, give HB Energy Solutions a call today!

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