Use More than One Fuel? We’re the Company to Call

There are a lot of fuels that homeowners may use in order to heat their homes. When you consider the fact that certain homeowners may actually use more than one fuel in doing so, it’s clear to see that things can get rather complicated. You just want to heat your home in order to live comfortably throughout the coldest time of the year. You shouldn’t be juggling distributors and delivery schedules in order to do so. Well, you won’t have to when you schedule your fuel delivery services in Springfield, VT with us. Read on to learn more about your fuel options, and a special incentive available to those homeowners using multiple fuels.

Why Schedule Your Fuel Deliver with Us?

Living in the Northeast means that you really need to be able to count on your home heating system, and that in turn means being able to count on reliable, consistent fuel delivery. That is why you should schedule your fuel delivery with our team. We offer a great variety of popular home heating fuels, including:

  • #2 heating oil
  • Bio–heat
  • Propane
  • Off Road Diesel
  • Wood Pellets

Additionally, we are happy to offer our valued customers a dual fuel discount, should they need more than one fuel delivered to their homes. All of the above fuels qualify for this discount (a four ton minimum order of wood pellets receives $5 off per ton). You just order your fuels in the usual quantity that you need, and we’ll apply the discount to your pricing. This discount applies to our cash, pre-buy, and budget planning pricing groups. Here’s an additional tip: heating oil and propane is the most popular combination, offering homeowners a .10 cent per gallon discount. Whichever fuels you need, though, you can count on us to get them to your home dependably.

Get your fuel from the trusted professionals here at HB Energy Solutions.

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