What to Expect During Gas Piping Installation

Natural gas is one of the most popular fuel types for home use. It can be used for multiple home appliances, including your home heating system. Many homes are connected to a main natural gas line, but not all are. If your home is not currently connected to a gas line, and you want access to the natural gas in your area, it’s time to call HB Energy Solutions and schedule gas piping installation in New Hampshire.

Initial Steps Before Installation

There are a few steps that need to be taken before our HB Energy Solutions technicians can install your natural gas piping. The first step is pinpointing the exact location of the natural gas main line closest to your home. Next, our technicians will conduct a site survey. During a site survey, the heating load for your home is calculated, your current heating system is evaluated and the amount of gas piping needed for your home is determined. Once this information is determined, it has to be relayed to the gas company; additionally, permits have to be obtained for the installation before any work can proceed.


Before any digging can begin, all public utilities will be marked off so that all digging is safe. As the homeowner, it is important that you mark off any private utilities, such as underground sprinkler systems, etc. Once the utilities are marked off, a date will be set to install the piping and your gas meter.

It is important that correctly-sized piping is used for your gas installation. This is because every gas appliance has a minimum input demand in BTUs per hour. On the day of installation, any appliances that are being replaced with a gas appliance will be turned off, disconnected and removed from your home. Trenches are dug and the piping is assembled and laid into the ground. When the piping reaches the exterior of your home, it will connect to the meter, which is still not operational. Your city inspector needs to inspect the piping and the connection to the meter to ensure all is in order; when the outside piping is approved, the meter can be activated. Now the focus of the installation moves to the inside of your home: the technicians will install the interior gas piping and equipment, which also needs to be inspected. Once this inspection is complete, your new gas line and meter are activated for use. 

Gas piping installation in New Hampshire should only be handled by experts. If you are looking to connect your home to natural gas, call HB Energy Solutions today!

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