Why Would I Want a Wood Boiler Installed?

In the earliest days of hydronic heating, boilers used wood or coal as their fuel source. Today, the majority of boilers use either natural gas or electricity, although oil remains common as well.

But wood boilers still exist today. And not only as antiques. There are modern boilers designed to burn wood for their fuel. HB Energy Solutions offers wood boiler heating installation in New Hampshire for customers interested in this alternative to standard gas and electric models. We carry Tarm Biomass and Pro Fab Empyre wood boilers.

Of course, this begs the question: “Why would I want a wood boiler?” There are some good reasons to consider wood boiler installation for a modern home.

Here’s what a wood boiler can offer you

  • Locally available, renewable fuel: Wood boilers support local industries, and in small towns this can be extremely important. Unlike natural gas, wood is a renewable energy source, and the planting and harvesting of trees is a key regional industry.
  • More efficient than ever: Burning wood has a lower AFUE rating than natural gas or oil, but with the advances in wood gasification combustion technology, wood boilers burn much more efficiently than ever, using less wood than you would expect—and producing between 100,000 to 330,000 BTUs output of heat energy.
  • Low-cost installation: Many wood boiler models cost less to install than standard large tank boilers.
  • Energy savings: Using wood pellets instead of electricity or natural gas can save homeowners approximately 40% off their annual heating costs. Wood is also rarely affected by global market trends that cause inflation in the prices of gas and oil.

Discover if a wood boiler is right for you

Wood boilers do have disadvantages, of course, and they may not be the best choice for your home. If you are interested in a wood boiler for heating installation in New Hampshire, contact HB Energy Solutions to set up an appointment to investigate the possibilities. Our boiler experts will determine how much you can save with a wood boiler and if it will provide sufficient heat for your home. If a wood boiler is ideal, we’ll help you select the right model and install it so you’ll receive all its wonderful benefits. And if a wood boiler isn’t optimal, we’ll find and install a system that is.

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