3 Common Myths About Pellet Stoves

Family enjoying warmth by a wood burning stove.

You search for “pellet stove repair near me,” then you see a flurry of opinions, forum posts, and “articles” about pellet stoves. How do you sift through the noise and actually find out about pellet stove repairs?

It starts by knowing fact from fiction. These myths surrounding pellet stoves float around everywhere, but today, we’re going to bust them.

First Myth: Hardwood Pellets are Better Than Softwood Pellets

Hardwood is dense, softwood is less dense. Reasonably, one might think that hardwood pellets are better than softwood pellets, but there’s a lot of nuance that’s left out of that assumption.

Regardless of which type of wood you start with, the pelletizing process puts them all through the ringer. The moisture content is reduced to 4-5% for all types of wood, and pelletizing outputs pellets of the same density regardless of the source. Neither wood type is better for burning duration.

Second Myth: Pellet Stoves Don’t Heat That Much of Your Home

Depending on what pellet stove you have and how raging that fire is, you can produce upwards of 90,000 BTUs of heat for your home. That’s an intense amount of heat. Depending on where you place your pellet stove, it could be enough to heat your entire home.

There are a lot of factors that go into high BTU outputs, many of which are under your control. While every pellet stove will have its own expected output, you can’t reach that level of heat and comfort without maintaining your pellet stove on an annual basis.

Third Myth: Pellet Stoves Don’t Require Professional Repair

Just like your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner, your pellet stove needs annual maintenance. Pellet stoves are the reliable, always-available options we have sitting in our back pockets for emergencies or when the power goes out, but that way of thinking also means we forget to provide tune-ups.

Professional maintenance helps you prevent breakdowns later on, however, repairs are going to pop up no matter how prepared you are. Professional pellet stove specialists know how to deep clean your pellet stove, help you burn pellets at their maximum potential, and improve overall efficiency.

The main reason you want a professional to repair your pellet stove is so they can inspect the entire unit at once. Their expertise and know-how quickly unearth other problems with your pellet stove that may require attention. Whether it’s heat loss, loose parts, or they simply recommend a deep cleaning, your pellet stove specialist will know exactly what to do.

Repair and Maintain That Pellet Stove

Your pellet stove is instant relief from the frigid cold, and it needs a fix-up. We’ll help you repair your pellet stove, maintain it for future use, and teach you which fuel to use. It’s time to restore your pellet stove and start enjoying it again. It all starts with a call, and ends with extended comfort from your pellet stove.

Contact us today to schedule maintenance or repair that pellet stove. Avoid the myths and reap all the rewards of using pellet.

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